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Houston-based 3L uses FleetPanda’s Unified Dispatch Platform to Streamline and Automate Operations across Companies

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Uncovering the 3L Success Story


Spec Oil, a leading fuel trading company, saw the potential for higher profit margins through expansion. This meant acquiring trucking companies to strengthen their distribution. So they acquired 3 major fuel delivery companies (3L being one of them), which they now run under the name 3L Energy Solutions.

To make this acquisition successful, they leveraged technology to unify operations across the 3 companies.

A closer look at 3L’s challenges 

Before FleetPanda, 3L relied on paper and people-driven processes to run operations. Dispatchers struggled with makeshift excel sheets to manage orders and shifts. Delivery tickets were hand-written. Moreover, a lack of integration between accounting and dispatch led to inaccurate data entry and longer time-to-cash cycles. Basically, the entire operations system was quite disconnected.

As 3L highlights – ‘The lack of automation was the biggest risk they were facing.’

From Make-do to Optimized: 3L’s success through a Cloud-based Dispatch Platform

To streamline operations and deliver a better customer experience, 3L implemented FleetPanda’s unified fuel dispatch system. 

Some core features that made FleetPanda a great technology partner are:

1. Dispatch Dashboard – A control-room-like setup that gave real-time visibility into drivers’ locations, shifts, inventory, and order status from a single screen. Dispatchers could avoid repetitive calls to drivers for status updates. 

2. Automated order creation – Consolidating all customer, ship-to, and supplier data in one place eliminated the need to shuffle between emails/spreadsheets to receive and process orders. 

3. Uber-like app for drivers – Drivers got all the information they needed to fulfill orders error-free, right on their smartphones. From receiving orders and checking inventory to capturing BOLs and printing delivery tickets, everything was automated and recorded electronically. 

4. Offline Mode on driver app –  Drivers could continue with their activities on the app even in low-network areas. Data got uploaded on cloud once drivers had access to the network. 

5. Geofencing – Setting virtual pins for customer locations and terminals helped create business intelligence reports that tracked delivery efficiency, spending, and profit margins per customer.

6. Accounting and dispatch integration – This helped create a clean record of data, reduced the workload of manually entering data into different systems, eliminated duplicate data entries, and shortened the time-to-cash cycle. 

FleetPanda’s product team provided extensive support to help 3L customize their entire platform setup. In addition, the onsite and offsite training sessions helped the operations team get started in no time. 

All of the above helped 3L achieve its goal of scaling operations and doubling down on its acquisition ROI by moving to a completely paperless solution.

Like 3L, FleetPanda has helped other leading fuel distributors like McNeece Bros, Tyree Oil, California Fuels & Lubricants, Moffitt Services scale up dispatch operations. 

To know more about us, book a demo at https://www.fleetpanda.com/contact-us

P.S. We offer a risk-free trial of our product for a nominal fee. Experience the value upfront!

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