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Pacific States Petroleum’s Shift from Paper-Centric to Digital-Centric On-site Fuelling Operations with FleetPanda

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For 23 years, Pacific States Petroleum, California’s largest on-site fuelling company has consistently delivered on time and provided top-notch service. But behind the scenes, they were drowning in paperwork and manual task management. 

The over-reliance on paperwork and manual processes led to inefficiencies and occasional errors. The leadership team at Pacific States realized – it’s time to change.  

Navigating the challenges of on-site fuelling 

Managing the nuances of on-site fueling on paper and spreadsheets made it challenging to track drivers, know which sites they are delivering to or even confirm whether an order was delivered or not. 

Moreover, dispatchers found it tedious to manually input all the order information into their database and dispatch call-in orders to drivers via phone calls. There was always a loss in translation.  

These challenges are further amplified with running a multi-branch operation. As Michael Louis, Vice President of Pacific States notes – ‘Managing operations for multiple branches throughout California and Nevada made it necessary to find a partner that could provide a cloud based dispatch platform.

In response to these operational hurdles, FleetPanda offered a cloud-based solution, designed to streamline operation workflows and maximize efficiency.

Transitioning from paper to paperless

Implementing FleetPanda wasn’t a mere tech upgrade; it propelled Pacific States into the digital age. 

  • Dispatchers now had real-time access to driver locations, compartment-level inventory making it easy for dispatchers to route call-in orders based on driver locations and inventory they’re carrying. 
  • Drivers were better able to manage their workflows using the smartphone app especially in remote locations. 
  • And the integration with DM2  ensured same-day billing. 

Cherry on the cake – FleetPanda’s excellent support and in-depth, onsite training. It made the transition quick and smooth.

Accelerating success through digital transformation

The complete elimination of paperwork empowered Pacific States with efficiency like never before. And their journey is a testament to the importance of technology to lead a successful business. 

“With FleetPanda, we can effortlessly keep  track of our drivers and deliveries, even in isolated areas. This level of transparency has improved the way we handle the complexities of our operations.  FleetPanda has kept their promise of continuing to develop their product to make us feel like we have a customized digital dispatch solution!”  – Michael Louis, Vice President, Pacific States Petroleum

Pacific States was in a situation all too familiar to fuel distributors: bogged down by excessive paperwork and manual processes. And while the idea of complete digital transformation might seem challenging, you can always start small, and the difference it can bring to your business is remarkable.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards transforming your operations, we’re excited to partner with you on this journey. Let’s kick off things with a quick call (814) 706-7831 or feel free to drop us an email at – sales@fleetpanda.com 

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