FleetPanda Partners with iRely: Coming together of 2 Best of Breed Software


FleetPanda Partners with iRely: Coming together of 2 Best of Breed Software

FleetPanda joins hands with iRely's back-office software bringing to you the best of breed dispatch and back-office system. This integration is designed to help petroleum marketers streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

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We at FleetPanda are thrilled to announce our latest innovation for the petroleum industry—a powerful integration with iRely, a top provider of back-office software solutions. This partnership is designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency for modern petroleum marketers.

Partners in product and vision

Our collaboration with iRely makes it simple for petroleum distributors to choose the best dispatch solutions available, seamlessly integrating with iRely’s superior back-office software. Dylan Gamboa, Senior VP at iRely, noted, “FleetPanda is the most advanced and feature-rich dispatch solution serving petroleum marketers. I am confident that FleetPanda will be a modern and reliable choice for iRely customers.

Early customer, Moffitt Services sees benefits of integration

A standout example of what this integration can achieve is seen with Moffitt Services. Since 1947, Moffitt Services has provided top-quality fuels and lubricants to customers across Texas. Known for outstanding service, they support a wide array of industries requiring dependable fuel supply and management. Moffitt has been using FleetPanda’s services for years, alongside iRely’s solutions, setting a benchmark in the industry. 

Carl Kleimann, owner of Moffitt Services, emphasized the benefits: “We believe that data is our most reliable path to operational efficiency, customer service, and profitability. FleetPanda allows us to capture, process, and report on an endless array of KPIs such as Fill Efficiency, ROI on Tanks and other assets, Dry Runs, Daily Deliveries and Gallons, and so much more. And iRely helps us and our 95+ vehicle fleet run at its efficient best. The integration allows the data to flow seamlessly and provides unmatched visibility into our operations.”

Default choice for choosing best-in-breed software

Our founder and CEO, Pavan, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership: “The synergy between iRely’s comprehensive back-office solutions and our fleet management expertise creates a dynamic that significantly benefits our clients. Moffitt Services is a prime example of this synergy at work.”

This partnership promises to deliver a complete solution for businesses in the fuel distribution industry, combining innovation and a commitment to customer satisfaction in every aspect of operations.

We are excited to move forward with this integration, eager to see the continued success it brings to our clients like Moffitt Services, who are already reaping the benefits of this robust collaboration.

To know more about how this integration can work for your business, feel free to schedule a call with us

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