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5 benefits of a fuel delivery app for drivers

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Think about this: your drivers are clocking out after a long day of doing  deliveries, inventory checks, managing all the paperwork in the field, dealing with unplanned deliveries, vehcile breakdown. They can’t help wonder if this routine will ever end.  Every day is a challenge with all the paper and manual processes. 

But, how do you put an end to this paper chaos and the inefficiencies it brings? 

How do you give your drivers an easy day, every single day? 

How do you transform driver workflows for drivers – like how they receive orders, record deliveries, handover paperwork from the field? What is that ONE secret sauce? 

Digitization, of course!  

Automating and digitizing driver workflows using a fuel delivery app completely revolutionalises the way drivers manage their daily workloads. Right from getting their entire schedule for the day (customer details, supplier and terminal details etc) to recording delivery numbers to capturing important documents, handing off printed delivery tickets to customers – drivers can manage all of it on the app – without any manual efforts or back and forth calls with dispatchers. 

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Features like – pre/post-trip inspection checklists, order schedule, barcode/QR-code scanning, meter integrations, offline mode, image capture, integration with printers, real-time updates on order changes, notes from dispatchers – all of it makes it a breeze for drivers to manage their daily runs. 

Key benefits of a mobile fuel delivery app

Automation and digitization brings in so much of efficiency in delivery. At the core – it replaces all the manual efforts, paperwork and error-prone processes with streamlined and faster workflows.  Here are some of the key benefits: 

Higher accuracy and efficiency in delivery 

Relying on papertickets and too many human touch-points increases the chances of errors. Often key information gets lost because there is so much of context switching between tools and spreadsheets. At times, drivers end up recording 50 gallons for 500 gallons or deliver the wrong product. 

The driver app minimizes all these errors.  All the information drivers need to complete a delivery successfully is there right on the app. That includes all trip checks, schedule, delivery-related information, supplier details etc.  

Every customer asset/equipment has a barcode/QR code which drivers can simply scan and start fuelling. This ensures that drivers always pump the right amount of fuel in the right customer asset. Plus all delivery numbers are captured on the app automatically – so drivers don’t need to worry about maintaining papertickets or manually note readings. 

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And this increases overall efficiency and accuracy in delivery. 

Streamlined driver-dispatcher communication: 

Without a driver app, drivers and dispatchers end up doing a lot of back and forth. They have to lift the phone for everything – whether it’s checking in on the order status, or passing some delivery-related instructions, updates etc.  And that gets pretty chaotic.  Plus – important information is lost in translation. 

But that’s one less thing to worry about with a driver app. 

Drivers already have the exact information they need to complete their deliveries. Plus – any changes/updates in the orders is reflected on the driver app in real-time making communication much more streamlined and efficient. 

Faster, accurate invoicing: 

One of the major challenges fuel distributors face is – inaccuracy and delays in invoicing. Reasons being –  dispatchers/accountants usually have to wait for drivers to get the paperwork back from the field so they can verify shifts, reconcile it and then push it to accounting systems (which is also a lot of manual data entry work).  

On top of that – manually reconciling shifts and creating invoices also leaves room for human errors. 

And all of this slows down the entire billing process. 

Plus – with drivers recording all data manually – there are higher chances of errors in delivery numbers which results in customers getting wrongly billed. 

But with digitized workflows – all data is captured on the app and synced into the dispatch portal.  Dispatchers and accountants have access to all this data in real-time. And integrations with back-office system enables the team to send all accounting data to the back-office system in seconds. They are able to reconcile shifts, push it to accounting, generate invoices all in just a few clicks.  All of the work done with none of the manual efforts. 

This enables faster, accurate, same-day invoicing. 

Reduced costs

Inventory loss due to error or fuel theft,  longer runs,  overtime due to crunched up driver schedules – all of this increases costs of delivery.  Digitizing workflows with the driver app minimizes the paperwork, errors and the costs ultimately. 

Meters record the exact amount of fuel going in and out of the trucks so no chances of fuel theft. Moreover, dispatchers are able to build optimized routes for drivers ensuring that they don’t end up taking longer routes. Dispatchers are able to better plan driver schedules to optimally utilize driver capacity  without having drivers work overtime. 

All of this added together significantly bring down the overall operations costs. 

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Better customer experiences

All things aside – digitization really helps  improve  customer experiences. With drivers managing their workloads much more efficiecntly, you are able to ensure that customers always get the right amount of the right product at the right time. Drivers can handout printed delivery tickets and record customer signatures on the app as proof of delivery.  And this adds to a better customer experience as it makes you a much more reliable fuel delivery partner. 

FleetPanda’s mobile app for drivers 

FleetPanda’s mobile app is built for drivers both young and old.  A modern look and feel, intuitive interface and cutting-edge  features make it extremely easy for drivers to use the app and manage their workflows. 

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