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A fuel dispatch software is all you need to simplify operations – and scale. Here’s why.

Explore the advantages of a fuel dispatch software in streamlining workflows and increasing operations efficiency.

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The way fuel marketers have been running their operations for decades – just doesn’t work anymore. When you’re chasing growth and scaling up your business – whether it’s increasing your fleet size, adding more products, doing more sales, entering new business lines – the complexities and challenges of your business increase. And when you’re relying on manual processes and outdated legacy softwares that don’t scale and evolve with your changing business needs – growth tends to hit a roadblock. A fuel dispatch software solves this problem at the core: your operations workflows. 

Why do you need a fuel dispatch software? 

Typically – most fuel logistics workflows are extremely manual and time-consuming. 

The number of hours operations team spend on the ‘busy work’ – 

  • going through emails and calls to just take a note of the orders
  • writing paper tickets for drivers 
  • creating their daily schedules 
  • Back and forth communication between drivers and dispatchers 
  • Manually entering data into accounting systems to create invoices 
  • Dealing with disconnected systems 

It’s tedious. And that’s the hard part. 

Plus – the chances of errors are pretty high. And the cost of those errors are in millions. 

Even with legacy softwares – these challenges remain. Because these systems are built on antiquated tech it’s difficult to customize features based on what your business needs. And integrations with other systems are limited. Then there’s the hassle of implementation and set-up that takes up years and months. Let alone the time and money you spend. 

This is where a fuel dispatch software comes in. It helps streamline and automate your entire fuel operations on a single platform. And that makes operations more efficient and accurate.

Here’s exactly how a fuel dispatch software makes day to day operations easy – 

Benefits of a fuel dispatch software: 

Fuel dispatch software is basically a force multiplier. You do more with less. Imagine having the extra capacity of a truck, dispatcher, driver and accountant. And that too – without adding more resources.

Here are some benefits of a fuel distribution software: 

Bring order into your order management 

Dispatchers spend at least an hour or 2 in just shuffling paperwork. That includes creating, assigning and scheduling all incoming orders. That’s where errors happen. Either an order gets overlooked or some key information is missed. That’s where the fuel dispatch software comes in. It frees dispatchers of that manual work and minimizes errors. It offers a centralized order management system where dispatchers can digitize the entire order creation process. While creating these orders they are able to assign it to drivers along with specific delivery/loading instructions which drivers receive directly on their smartphones. 

In fact – for a lot of our customers – at least 50-60% of their business comes from recurring orders. So to be able to automate those helps them save a LOT of time. 

Manage all your orders from one place

Know what’s happening in operations in real-time 

Visibility is the number 1 thing in fuel delivery. If you’re running things manually – you don’t have visibility into what’s going on in operations. There’s always a question mark on where your drivers are, what’s the order status, what’s the driver schedule. And that puts you in a position where you have no control over your operations. 

A sophisticated fuel dispatch software makes it a lot easier to keep a track of your operations.

A simple dashboard – gives you a complete view of your operations. You know exactly where your drivers are, what orders are they delivering, their schedule for the day, the order status and even the inventory on the trucks – all in real-time. 

A complete view of your operations on a single screen

Having this comprehensive view of your operations is a big value add. You can: 

  • Easily route call-in orders to drivers based on their location, schedule and inventory 
  • Address customer inquiries on their orders by just taking a look at the dashboard 
  • Get rid of all the back and forth communication with drivers 
  • Eliminate all the guesswork from your operations 

Build optimized routes for drivers 

Routes are usually planned manually – which let’s agree is quite tedious. And routing is not just about finding the quickest route. It’s about building it in a way that it reduces costs, idle time and the number of miles drivers travel. When you’re building this manually – there might be a lot of factors that you end up missing. 

But with a routing system – it’s easier for you to manage orders and dispatch them in real-time. Plus you get the added flexibility in scheduling deliveries. And this is important especially when you’re running a huge fleet. 

The efficiency gains are high. More deliveries are getting done in fewer hours. So you’re a saving critical driver hours. Similarly, the miles traveled also reduces – which again helps you save costs. 

Dumb it down for drivers to make them more efficient and productive 

The more you make things easy and simplified for drivers – the more efficient they get at their jobs. In the current way of doing things – drivers usually deal with a lot of paper tickets, note down gallons delivered manually, and then bring back the paperwork to the office for dispatchers/accounting teams to process further. With all the manual work and paper – the instances of say loading from a wrong supplier, error in recording delivered gallons, missing a delivery, become more frequent. 

This can be avoided with automated and digitized workflows for drivers. 

Enter – a smartphone app built for drivers. 

For drivers, it’s basically having their entire day’s schedule, delivery instructions, pre-trip post trip activities, supplier details and everything to the T loaded right into the app. 

That itself saves drivers at least 1-2 hours a day. 

Automating driver workflows with an all-in-one smartphone app

Reduce delays and errors in billing and invoicing 

Paperticket hand-offs to accounting/billing teams is where errors occur. Accounting/billing teams sit on tons of paperwork, sift through the paper tickets and manually enter the data into their accounting systems to create invoices. 

Plus – there’s a lot of stuff happening in the field. To send out an invoice to customers – accounting teams end up digging through data from 10 different systems to verify and reconcile shifts. That not only increases the manual work but also the chances of errors. 

Automating this process ensures error-free data, invoices and same-day billing to customers. 

By integrating your fuel dispatch software and accounting systems – you get a single source of truth of all your data without having to manually enter data into your accounting systems or switching between tools to reconcile shifts. 

Integrate your fuel dispatch software with other systems/tools 

A fuel dispatch software is a must-have tool. But it shouldn’t be just another tool added to your already bloated tech stack. It either should replace your existing tools or integrate with them. With disconnected systems – you’re constantly context switching. Ultimately you spend a lot of time pulling out data from different systems whether it’s for tank monitors or pricing and contract management or simply accounting. 

It’s important for all of your tools to play well together if you want to break the data silos. An ideal fuel dispatch software has a more open ecosystem that enables integrations with other systems. That’s how you’re able to get all of your operations in one place. 

For instance –  integrating with tank monitors brings all your tank monitor data in one place. This includes, tracking tank levels in real-time, setting refill thresholds and auto-creating tank monitor orders without the need to jump from one system to another. 

Similarly, integrations with your other tech pieces streamlines and puts your current manual workflows on auto-pilot. 

More on integrations

Choosing the right fuel dispatch software for your business

All fuel dispatches softwares aren’t created equal. So it’s more important to choose the right fuel dispatch software instead of choosing just a fuel dispatch software. Here are a few things that set FleetPanda apart from its competitors: 

  1. A complete cloud and smartphone based solution that’s easy to use and comes without the hassle of server breakdowns and additional maintenance costs 
  2. Flexible product architecture that allows us to build custom features based on your specific business needs 
  3. Ability to scale the product alongside your business 
  4. Frequent feature releases 
  5. Prompt customer support 
  6. Insanely fast implementation (bet you didn’t see that coming) 

Here’s a more detailed guide on choosing the right fuel dispatch software.

Take a demo and see what FleetPanda can do for your business. 

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