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Metered fuel deliveries made easy with dispatch software integration

Optimize metered fuel deliveries with dispatch software that uses wireless bluetooth enabled meter integration to replace the old way of manually noting meter readings with a driver app that automatically captures fuel delivered.

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Metered fuel deliveries work well to ensure that the right amount of product goes into the right customer asset. But that’s only when you’re using dispatch tools that actually integrate with those meters. The manual meter readings and paper tickets leave you stuck in a rut, fighting the same fires everyday. 

The problem with manual meters 

Manual meter readings is a lot of tedious work for drivers who have to keep a handwritten record/paper tickets of all deliveries. Dispatchers and accountants have to wait for drivers to get back the paperwork from the field. And they spend a huge chunk of their time in double checking deliveries to verify records, reconcile shifts and generate invoices. And all of that effort because “that’s just the way we do things around here”? Unfortunately – you can only grow so far when you’re relying on these manual meter heads. Imagine doing this for hundreds of deliveries and trucks. You can have the most efficient and reliable team of drivers, dispatchers, accountants – but they’re only humans. Errors are bound to happen and that impacts accuracy and efficiency. 

In fact, some of the most common errors we hear about in conversations with fuel distributors whose business is heavy on meter deliverie include – 

  • drivers noting down the wrong piece of equipment 
  • recording the wrong quantity 
  • forgetting to reset the meter and end up writing the wrong delivery numbers. 
  • The truck door being left open and paper just flew out and the delivery didn’t get billed at all. 

So, verifying these deliveries becomes practically impossible without accurate data to fall back on. 

Plus –  these mistakes mean either a billing error, unhappy customer or delays in invoicing. All of which cost your business millions. 

That’s where platforms that integrate with your flow meters are invaluable. 

Wondering how? 

In the next few minutes – we will go deeper into how exactly these integrations work and make your workflows better and more efficient. 

How do meter integrations exactly work? 

Quite simple actually. 

Drivers are equipped with a smartphone app that’s integrated wirelessly via bluetooth with the meters on the trucks. The driver app provides all the information drivers need to successfully complete all deliveries. 

Once your drivers reach the customer location – they simply need to open their apps, select the particular delivery they’re doing and get started by scanning the barcode/QR code on the customer equipment/asset. This ensures that the drivers are fueling the right asset at the right customer location and the right product. And in case the QR code doesn’t match – the app notifies the driver. If the wrong product is selected – the app sends an alert that the fuel in the compartment is different from the fuel that needs to be delivered. So that eliminates any chances of errors in deliveries. 

The next part is – the meter recording.

After scanning the asset – drivers simply need to start fueling. They have the option to automatically or manually preset the meter for the total gallons to be delivered. The driver app automatically pulls back the readings captured on the meter so drivers don’t have to take the readings manually. The lesser the drivers have to input data manually, the more accurate data is and lesser the billing disputes. Plus – they save a lot of time and effort that otherwise goes into walking back and forth between the meter and the truck and maintaining paper tickets for every delivery they do (which quite honestly, is a big number). 

And the cherry on the top? 

All this information captured on the drivers app is synced/uploaded to the dispatcher’s portal in real-time. As soon as the driver completes a delivery – dispatchers can view it in the dispatch portal, reconcile shifts, and send it to accounting for billing and invoicing without waiting for the paperwork. 

Why do you need it? 

Accuracy in delivery – With meter integrations – you can always ensure that the right product and the right amount is pumped into the customer assets. Customers get billed accurately and fuel marketers have precise records of what and how much was delivered.

    Higher efficiency – Switching to digital workflows increases efficiency. Without any manual work or paper drivers are able to increase accuracy and efficiency in deliveries. 

    Faster, same-day invoicing – With all data being captured on the drivers app and synced to the dispatch portal and the integration with accounting system makes it easier for dispatchers and accountants to easily generate and process invoices without waiting for days. 

    Improved customer service – With on-time, accurate deliveries – you’re able to provide better customer service that makes you the more reliable fuel delivery partner. Plus – with a bluetooth printer – you can instantly give customers a printed copy of the delivery ticket specifying all delivery related details (how much of which product went into each equipment/asset). 


    Metered fuel deliveries become a lot more easier when integrated with the driver app that helps drivers automatically record the amount of fuel being delivered – without much manual effort. And that significantly speeds up the delivery process, eliminates billing discrepancies, plus reduces most of the errors that come with paper and manual work. 


    How does wireless LCR meter integration work? 

    We’ve built a system that integrates with your LCR meters via wireless bluetooth. With this integration, drivers are able to directly capture the number of gallons loaded/delivered on the app without manually noting the delivery numbers. 

    Which meters do you integrate with? 

    Currently, we integrate with LCR II and LCR IQ meters. But we’re a fast-growing company open to build out custom integrations for you. 

    If you’d like to know more about FleetPanda’s meter integration – feel free to schedule a demo.

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