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4 ways FleetPanda’s petroleum logistics software gives petroleum marketers a competitive advantage

With digitized workflows, unified platform, integration with everyday tools and data-driven decision making - see how FleetPanda's petroleum logistics software gives you a competitive edge.

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Driver shortage, increasing competition, rising costs – petroleum marketers don’t have it easy in 2024. It’s no wonder then that petroleum marketers today look for tech like petroleum logistics software to streamline operations that gives them a competitive advantage. 

Like Alex Salazar, Ex-VP of Operations, 3L Energy Solutions says – “We offer the same service and sell pretty much the same products as our competitors do. You know, we sell fuel, they sell. The question becomes, how can we provide a better service to our customers that makes us stand out for the pack? Offering technologically based solutions is a good way for us to stand out in the marketplace.”

But there’s a challenge petroleum marketers face today. They know they need a solid petroleum logistics solution. But – all the existing tools out there were built decades ago. And they turn out to be outdated and obsolete. 

Why existing solutions don’t work: 

There are a lot of legacy solutions out in the market. But they’re not the best of breed technology. And here are a couple of reasons why: 

  • For starters – legacy petroleum logistics software is built on outdated technology and hasn’t evolved much. 
  • They’ve more of a one-size-fits-all approach and might not always fit into your way of running business 
  • They lack a flexible product architecture. This makes it difficult to build custom solutions based on your specific business needs 
  • Implementation cycles are usually too long and complex. Even after spending months/years and thousands of dollars – implementation remains half done 
  • Customer support is almost non-existent 

Cleary, there is a need for a better, modern, flexible petroleum logistics software which petroleum marketers can leverage to stay ahead of the competition. 

This is where FleetPanda comes in. By automating and digitizing your operational workflows, FleetPanda’s petroleum logistics software streamlines operations, increases efficiency and scales business growth. Here’s how it all works:

Digitize operations workflows and put routine tasks on auto-pilot 

All this while – petroleum marketers have been relying on manual processes, outdated systems for their day-to-day operations. It’s safe to say that this approach has been inefficient, time-consuming and tedious at all levels. 

Whether it’s managing orders, planning driver schedules, building routes for drivers – managing it manually takes up hours which would otherwise be spent on more strategic tasks. Plus – with human touch-points the chances of errors are always higher. FleetPanda’s petroleum logistics software digitizes these workflows, saves hours of busy work, and minimizes errors and delays. 

For example – if you have a high number of recurring orders – keeping a track of those on paper and spreadsheets increases the risk of missing an order. But with FleetPanda – you can automate order creation for those. By setting up custom order schedules for repeat customers – you can ensure you never miss out on any delivery. 

With real-time tracking and monitoring of operations – you know exactly where your drivers are at any given second, which customers are they delivering to, what’s their schedule for the day and even the inventory on their trucks. 

FleetPanda's petroleum logistics software helps dispatchers track driver locations in real-time on the dispatch dashboard
FleetPanda's petroleum logistics software gives you a detailed view of your drivers schedule, order status and even inventory on their truck - all in real-time.

Moreover, drivers are empowered with a smartphone app that digitizes their daily workflows. On an average drivers spend at least an hour or 2 on manual tasks. Goes without saying that you would want to make things easier for drivers. And to do that, you need to equip them with all the information they need and kill the paperwork and manual tasks from their jobs. And the driver app does exactly that. 

As for accountants/billing teams – they don’t have to worry about manually verifying/reconciling shifts or entering data into their accounting systems. By integrating dispatch and accounting systems – you can easily sync delivery data into accounting systems to create a single source of truth of all your data. This minimizes errors in invoicing and speeds up the billing process. 

All this ensures that you are able to deliver the right product to the right customer at the right time. 

Manage multiple business lines on one platform 

If you have multiple business lines – you know the hassle of toggling between 10 different systems to manage operations. 

What if instead, you were able to bring the operations of all your business lines into a single platform? 

With FleetPanda’s petroleum logistics software you can. 

Whether its tank wagons, transport, lubricants, propane, common carrier, or rental assets – you can streamline operations across all and run them smoothly all from one place. 

For example – the lubricants module enables you to easily manage bulk and packaged deliveries. Streamlined inventory checks, mixing and pre-packaging, processes to unload retained products back to the warehouse  – all of this ensures a 100% accuracy in order tracking and fulfillment. 

Next – The common carrier module. It lets you manage all your common carrier operations from creating orders, dispatching it to drivers, tracking in real-time – from one place. 

As for rental assets – you can streamline delivery and tracking of rental assets. You are able to create detailed asset movement orders, track movements of tanks and equipment, and calculate tank utilization to measure profitability of each equipment. 

FleetPanda’s petroleum logistics software empowers you to run this from a single platform. And that makes operations across all your business lines a well-oiled machine. 

Integration with all your tools 

One of the major challenges petroleum marketers face today is having too many systems that don’t talk to each other. That creates data siloes. And it also adds to the manual work of juggling between different systems to manage all the data. 

But that’s not the case with an integrated petroleum logistics software like FleetPanda. It integrates with all your existing tools and breaks down the data walls. 

FleetPanda's petroleum logistics software integrates with all your existing tools

With this – every department is able to move faster with data easily flowing between systems. From fetching fuel prices to creating invoices for customers – it’s all frictionless. 

And the added benefit of such a flexible, open ecosystem is – the ease of implementing new technology. 

FleetPanda integrates with: 

  • Accounting/back-office systems 

All delivery data gets synced to accounting systems in just a click. This ensures same-day invoicing, accurate billing and higher cash flow.  

  • Tank Monitors 

This helps easily fulfill all your tank monitor orders without much manual effort. The system tracks tank monitor levels in real-time and enables you to set-up auto-order creation for tank monitors once they reach a certain level – ensuring you can uphold your keep-fill contracts. This also means – no run-outs, fewer zero runs, and optimal driver routes. 

  • LCR Meters 

With LCR meter integrations you are able to account for every drop of fuel loaded/delivered. With meter integrations to the driver app – drivers don’t have to manually take meter readings or maintain paper tickets. All delivery numbers are recorded on the driver app. 

  • Pricing 

In just a few clicks – you can import fuel prices from multiple sources. Pricing and quotes are auto-applied to delivery orders – putting pricing workflows on auto-pilot. 

Here’s more on FleetPanda’s Integrations

Data that helps you make business-critical decisions 

Data is one of the most underutilized yet critical tools petroleum marketers have. 

It plays a big role in increasing operations efficiency and scaling overall business growth. But most businesses either aren’t gathering enough data and those who are – struggle with making sense of it. 

FleetPanda solves for both. 

You get access to key operational insights that allow you to spot key trends and patterns. This includes identifying processes that need improvement,  and measuring key performance metrics like – fill efficiency, delivery timeframes to identify areas for minimizing costs. 

Dispatchers get real-time insights on driver location and schedule. And this data comes in handy in re-routing orders, assigning emergency orders, responding to price fluctuation. Doing this ensures there are less delays, and higher fill efficiency. 

Operations heads get access to key performance metrics that helps them understand why drivers take longer time for deliveries, underutilized assets, and optimize delivery schedules. All of this translates into a positive impact on your bottom line. 

As for owners –  they have key insights into customer profitability, forecasting, operations costs, and overall efficiency. And these are all important criterias in minimizing costs, optimizing fuel purchases, business expansion opportunities (mergers and acquisitions, more product offerings, new business lines). 

Read up more about FleetPanda’s reporting and analytics module.

Final Thoughts

While there are major challenges facing petroleum marketers in 2024, FleetPanda’s petroleum logistics software can help tackle those challenges head-on and help them beat competition. 

With FleetPanda’s solution – you can streamline your operations, digitize and automate daily workflows, build an integrated tech stack, and make data-driven business-critical decisions. As a result, you’re able to operate more efficiently, give back hours to your team that they usually spend on manual tasks, and stay ahead of your competition.  

So, what say? Ready to do this? Let’s talk.

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