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FleetPanda is a partner - not a vendor.

Even our 20-30 year old veteran drivers adopted to FleetPanda easily

They have a great product, have a great team, responsive,

they listen, they’re elastic and not rigid.

FleetPanda has changed the game on operations

of the 3 companies we have recently acquired. It has also given management real time analytics to make better business decisions. 

If you want to conquer inefficiencies in your organization and take it to the next level, FleetPanda is the ally you need.

Scaling up operations during hyper growth

Common Carrier

Tank Wagon

Disaster Response

Increasing margins
post 3-way merger


Tank Wagon

From pen & paper
to fully digital

On-site Fueling

Trusted by leading petroleum marketers


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Carl Kleimann, Co-Owner at Moffitt Services
Alex Salazar
Ex-VP Operations
Perry Taylor

Ex-President at 3L USA and

Director of Logistics at Coleman Oil

Moffitt Services - Carl Kleimann
Carl Kleimann


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