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We are FleetPanda. A modern dispatch solution that is becoming a default choice for iRely customers due to our seamless integration with iRely.

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Pavan, Greg and our friends (FleetPanda customers) are there at the event. Happy to chat about tech and dispatch.


Greg Fox

Stories to share — The journey of 3L Energy and Moffitt Services

Carl Kleimann

Stephanie McAnally

Scott Restivo

Catch Pavan, Carl, Stephanie, and Scotty discuss the digital transformation journey of Moffitt Services and 3L Energy, and the lessons learned from building the business for over multiple decades.

  • Why and when should you think about investing in digital transformation? 

  • How to go about it?

  • How do you select the right vendor for you?

  • What are some common pitfalls and how can you avoid/overcome them?

Get the answers to this and more in this 60 minute fireside chat!

April 24. 11 am.

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