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Frequently Asked Questions

about FleetPanda’s unified logistics platform

If you’re new to FleetPanda or looking to improve dispatch and operations, this guide will help you learn more about our platform. Want a conversation/demo tailored to your business’ needs?


What is FleetPanda?
FleetPanda is a unified logistics platform for Petroleum Marketers. It’s a dispatch solution that makes your business operationally smooth to run whether you’re into Tank Wagon & Wet Hosing, Truck & Trailer , Transport, Lubricants , or Propane.

The platform is for petroleum marketers and is especially used by the ones in any/all of these business lines – on-site fuelling, bulk fuel distribution, lubricants, propane/heating oil, asset rentals, emergency/disaster response. Within your business, it’ll be used on a daily basis by dispatchers, drivers, billers, pricing managers and inside sales. Operations managers and other executives use FleetPanda for the macro and micro reports that give them a 360 degree view of the business.

FleetPanda is built by a team that used to be fuel distributors, not long ago. We didn’t just acquire our solution; we built it from scratch with passion and dedication. There are mainly six reasons:

  • People behind the platform: We’re proud to be led by a unique mix of engineers from Silicon Valley and ex-Fuel Distributors. We know where the shoe pinches and how to make it right.
  • Cutting-edge tech: Run your business with Amazon & Uber-like tech. FleetPanda’s cloud-first, smartphone-centric approach eliminates on-prem hassles. Our bi-weekly product updates constantly elevate your operational efficiency.
  • Customization: Our product and implementation team is flexible and ready to adapt to the way you do business. You won’t have to change your business processes for our software.
  • All Business Lines Supported: Whether it’s Tank Wagon, Wet Hosing, Truck & Trailer, Transport, Lubricants, or Propane – FleetPanda has you covered, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Go live in weeks, not months: You can start using our system in just 2-4 weeks. We don’t make you pay and wait for months to get started.
  • 24*7 Support: Our support team responds in less than 10 minutes. Every time. We’re always ready to help you out.

FleetPanda + My team

How will FleetPanda help my drivers?
Fleetpanda ensures that drivers get the easiest day they can, everyday. Communication and instructions are relayed clearly through an uber-like driver app which means there are no constant back and forths between them and dispatchers – no texting/calling and driving. Everything is there on the app.
  • Finding assets is easy with a QR code scan solution so it’s just drive-scan-fuel-print delivery ticket/get signature or whatever the workflow is.
  • You can choose to give them visibility of all their orders for the day, ability to create orders (useful when they have great relationships with the customers).
  • With LCR integration, they can fuel with the click of a button and don’t have to manually jot down readings.
  • With the tank monitor integration, for each order you know the exact right lat and long even if the asset has been moved since the last time it was fuelled.
FleetPanda empowers dispatchers with
  • Real-time visibility on everything – the status of every order, driver location and capacity, fuel left in every compartment of every truck, daily schedule and so much more so you don’t have to keep calling people up to get updates.
  • Ability to easily communicate with a driver through the driver app and change plans on the go.
  • Automatic order creation for recurring orders, and assets with tank monitors. This drastically reduces the time spent on manual tasks for creating and managing orders, thus reducing overtime and lets them focus on activities supporting growth and expansions.
No matter how complex your billing scenarios and customer contracts are, FleetPanda ensures you have all the information you need in real-time right in your back-office software.
FleetPanda has tight integrations with accounting software which ensures all the data you need – whether it’s pricing information from pricing managers, order information from dispatchers, or delivery information from drivers – you get all of it without asking for it or searching for it, in one place, your accounting system! Real-time data flow between the Fleetpanda to accounting system ensures that you can generate an invoice as soon as the order is done without having to wait for the driver to return, thus increasing cashflow. FleetPanda also makes reconciliation a breeze.
Each pricing manager can save around 3 hours daily with FleetPanda’s automated pricing workflows that eliminate the need for mundane manual tasks like mapping customer contract details to daily fuel price to create quotes. FleetPanda also reduces the chances of human errors. Some automated workflows include:
  • Directly import fuel rates from various sources through a CSV.
  • Customer contracts once created, can be auto-mapped to everyday fuel rates and are applied while creating a delivery order. Pricing Managers can specify the top 3 terminals and loading racks for each order for the dispatcher/driver to choose from.
  • Quotes can also be automatically generated – FleetPanda calculates and adds in details like taxes, margins, freight fees, etc.
We come to your workspace to train your team and ensure you’re set up for success and that your team is comfortable and happy to adopt to the new platform. We’ll work with your back-office team to clean the data and integrate your systems. We’ll work with your dispatch team to ensure they’re comfortable with the system. We’ll also drive around with your drivers to ensure they’re comfortable using the app.

Product questions

Give me a quick run through of the main features
Dispatch Dashboard: See driver locations, daily schedules, and order status in real-time.

Driver App: Uber-like app to automate driver workflows.

Order Management: Create, assign and manage all order types from one platform. Automate order creation for recurring orders, and tank fill-ups.

Billing & Invoicing: Sync dispatch and accounting systems and generate accurate quotes and invoices in half the time.

Pricing Automation: FleetPanda automatically generates quotes, applies them to delivery orders, and syncs to your back-office system to generate invoices.

Customer Portal: Send out branded delivery tickets that captures all order details to customers in real-time and give them access to a customer portal.

Reporting & Analytics: Get the business Intelligence data you need to make better decisions.

Integrations: Sync dispatch with back-office software like accounting systems, CRMs, HRIS software etc and also with tank monitors and LCR meters.

Yes it does! We have ready-to-go integrations with
  • Back-office systems like Quickbooks, PetroleumRX, NetSuite, iRely, PDI, DM2
  • CRM like Salesforce
  • HRIS like Kronos and ADP
  • Tank Monitor like Annova, SmartTank, Wesroc and Ecogreen.
  • Fuel Pricing Software like DTN and OPIS

We also periodically build custom integrations for clients should they need it.

All you need to do is to subscribe. You’ll already have mobile phones, internet and computers – that’s all you’ll need. No specialized bulky hardware or phones required!

Creation of your recurring orders can be automated. Put in the rules of recurrence and your order will automatically be created on the said date. For keep full contracts, if you use tank monitors, the entire workflow can be automated. Order will automatically be created if fuel level goes below the threshold.
Yes we have specialized features just for lubricants (can do packaged and bulk deliveries) and propane.
We have a number of off-the-shelf reports that you can use to make better decisions both at the macro adn micro level. We can also create custom reports so everyone in your business can see the metrics that are important to them.

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