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New in FleetPanda – Pricing and Contract Management Module 

Manually pulling out pricing information from different sources, mapping customer contracts to fuel prices, constant back and forth calls to check pricing and delivery data – are now a thing of the past. 

With the pricing module you can now In our latest module, here’s what we bring to you: 

  • Import fuel rate from various sources via CSV, eliminating the manual efforts of pulling fuel price information from different sources 
  • Create a single source of truth of pricing data for pricing managers, dispatchers, drivers, billing teams, sales 
  • Automatically map customer contracts to everyday fuel rate and apply them to customers during order creation and save your team at least 3 hours of manual effort
  • Auto-calculate and apply pricing details including taxes, margins, freights etc to delivery orders 
  • Auto-link BOLs to load and delivery orders and say goodbye to manual reconciliation and errors 
  • Auto-sync pricing and BOL data to your back office systems and cut your invoicing time to half ensuring same-day, error-free invoices 

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