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How Pacific States Petroleum Transformed its On-Site Fuelling Business from Paper-Centric to Digital-Centric with FleetPanda

Pacific States Petroleum, California’s largest on-site fuelling company has been dedicated to working non-stop to ensure punctual deliveries and great customer service for 23 years. 

However,  the existing operations processes relied  heavily on ‘people’ and ‘paper’ making operations manual, tedious and inefficient.  And the need for efficiency and accuracy fuelled the leadership team  to embrace digital transformation. 


Pacific States needed to overcome the challenges of managing the nuances of on-site fuelling on paper and spreadsheets. 

Challenge 1: Tracking/Monitoring driver activities in real-time

Pacific States faced challenges in tracking where drivers are, which sites they are delivering to and knowing whether a delivery was completed or not. 

Challenge 2: Creating, assigning and scheduling orders

Dispatchers were neck-deep in manual tasks like handkeying order details into the database which further increased the busy work for dispatchers.

Challenge 3: Dispatching call-in orders

Managing call-in orders via phone calls to drivers became painstakingly tedious.

The FleetPanda Advantage

With FleetPanda’s modern customizable cloud-based dispatch solution, Pacific States were empowered with:

  • Unified dispatch portal for real-time visibility into operations: Access to driver locations, schedules and compartment-level inventory in real-time for efficiently routing call-in orders
  • Uber-like app for drivers: Simplified workflows for drivers efficiently complete deliveries even in remote locations 
  • Automated recurring order creation: Automatically create and schedule orders for repeat customers to ensure no order is ever missed
  • Seamless integration with DM2: Sync accounting and dispatching systems to ensure faster and accurate billing 

Key Results

  • Complete elimination of paperwork
  • Digitized operations for enhanced dispatch and delivery efficiency
  • Same-day billing/invoicing 


Up Quote

"We needed a cloud platform to manage operations across California and Nevada. FleetPanda helps us easily track drivers and deliveries, even in remote areas. Their support is always prompt and reachable. The product keeps improving, making it feel tailored just for us."

Down Quote
Michael Louis

Vice President at Pacific States Petroleum 

Pacific States Petroleum

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