Driver HandBook


We are excited to have you as part of our company. Fuel Panda is committed to quality work and superior customer service in all aspects of our business.We value our employees and encourage them to make productive suggestions. We want you to succeed at your job!

This handbook has been developed to help you understand your job responsibilities as a member of our team. Feel free to discuss with us any questions you may have about this document or about your employment with us.

Your role is very critical to our success. All employees should strive to maintain exemplary performance every day.Here are the list of Dos and Don’ts to be successful at your job. This will also be used as a guideline for driver evaluation process:


  • Text Dispatch team at (650)-297-8761 letting them know the type of phone you own (Apple or Android) and the email address associated with your Appstore or Play store. You will receive an email with invitation to download the app.
  • Download the Fuel Panda App and keep it turned on during your shift. Location and Data must be turned on for the app to work. 
  • Always show up and reach the customer's refueling station on time.
  • Pay time for driver starts when the driver gets on the truck. Pay time ends with the time immediately after completing last scheduled refueling duty. 
  • Notify clock in- clock out by sending a text message to (650)-297-8761
  • Be responsive to calls and messages from Dispatch Team.
  • Run customer visits on time. Ensure that gas caps are closed properly and gates are locked before you leave.
  • Call or message Dispatch team at (650)-297-8761 immediately in case of any questions or confusions.
  • Fill out required refueling document accurately, completely and on time. Daily car refueling report and daily gas price report.
  • Perform all route duties without accidents, tickets and complaints.
  • Notify Dispatch team when if you are going to be late.
  • Notify your holidays and day off at least two week before the date.
  • Be willing to perform extra duty on an emergency basis other than scheduled trips.
  • Driver payroll is run every Friday.
  • The payments are deducted from our account on Friday and drivers receive it via direct deposit on Tuesday night.


  • Do not start your duty while under the influence of alcohol.
  • Do not take un-authorized or un-notified absences.
  • Do not provide untruthful information.
  • Do not misuse any of the company's assets.
  • Do not turn the app on before the set time of your shift.
  • Do not turn the data or app off during the shift.