Old vs. New

Are you stuck with vendors who are holding you back?

There is a new option now.

Old Vendors
Companies founded in pre-smartphone eras often acquired and sold multiple times. Founders, engineers and top talent is long gone and there is no product innovation.
Built in post smartphone era. Leadership team from product innovators at Amazon, Salesforce and Netflix. New features released every week.
Acquired and sold multiple times to financial institutions, founders and engineers have left a long time ago. Lacks Tech and Product Leadership and run by money managers.
The CEO and the leadership team are engineers and product managers from leading product companies like Amazon, Salesforce, and Netflix
Owned by banks and private equity that cares only about money and bottom line
Funded by innovators at Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter and successful tech founders with a focus on customer success and innovation
Costs $50-$100 per truck month in just support plans that fail to delivery
We stand behind our product. Free 24*7 support with your issues resolved within 48 hrs by real engineers
Months of work and 100s of hours for setup and configuration
Use automated tools to complete setup within weeks
On-premise software with a namesake cloud option
True cloud solution
Barely any new features launched every few years
Meaningful new features launched every 2 weeks
A Long-winded sales process, where they share the history of the company, how long they are in the business and other irrelevant things that don't help you. 3-4 meetings before you get to see a demo over a power-point
Talk to a product lead and get a live product demo in the first meeting. and quickly understand if its a
Keep wasting time talking about how old their company is and how many acquisitions they have done over the years. Most acquisitions have failed to integrate well
Get into understanding your current workflows and pain points in the first meeting along with an immediate brainstorm of how we can eliminate busy work and the rough timeline of the project.