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We are trying to solve the logistics and operational challenges faced by petroleum marketers. Find out what we do, why we do it - and the team which makes it possible.

A note from Pavan, Founder and CEO

Hi, I’m glad that you chose to check out FleetPanda. Just want to give you a quick background on how we got started.

We started off as a fuel distribution company run by software engineers from Silicon Valley (ex-Amazon and Salesforce). However, as the business scaled, there wasn’t enough visibility into what was going on in operations. And the team struggled to scale operations to support business growth.

We started searching for a dispatch solution but found the existing players to be outdated, clunky, and costly. And managing operations through paper and people-driven processes led to further errors and inefficiencies.

Long story short, we ended up building an in-house software to run our daily operations. This proved to be so useful that we decided to sell off the fuel business and concentrate our efforts into building an end-to-end dispatch software for petroleum marketers.

Since we started this journey, we’ve learnt a lot about the petroleum marketing business and the operational challenges that we face on a daily basis. Our unified dispatch solution is built for petroleum marketers and helps them automate their entire operations workflow across all business. Unlike legacy software solutions, FleetPanda offers a complete smartphone and cloud-based solution which takes no more than a month to implement and launch. All of this, at a fraction of the cost of other players in the market.

We also offer a risk-free trial so that you can experience the power of FleetPanda without being locked into a hefty, multi-year contract.

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Pavan Maheshwari
Founder/CEO of FleetPanda
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