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Move with the world

Advancement of technology has made software much more usable and beautiful. Almost all software we use is intuitive, easy to use, and really useful. Except for the ones built for every work day.
FleetPanda takes you away from clunky, outdated, and overpriced dispatch solutions to a dynamic, intuitive, and modern dispatch solution. It’s almost like stepping into the future, today.
Our Story

How FleetPanda came about

Hi, I’m Pavan. Just like you, I ran a Fleet Fueling business in California. Like you, I wrestled with the unpredictable nature of fuel prices, the tangled web of inventory management, and the chronic lack of drivers that our industry faces.
I quickly realized that using only pen-and-paper methods to manage such a complex operation just didn’t work. Hunting for a modern solution led me down a path of outdated and overpriced dispatch tools that simply didn’t meet my needs.
I gathered a group of engineers and we crafted our own solution. We poured our heart and soul into creating dispatch software that streamlined every aspect of our operations. The result? We managed to grow our little fueling business into a $10 Million venture.
Our software became our secret sauce. Soon, some of the biggest fuel marketing companies came knocking. We collaborated with them, refining our system even further. This journey led to the birth of FleetPanda.
Now, our purpose is clear: We want to make the fuel distribution industry better and easier for everyone involved, one company at a time.

Our Leadership team

Pavan Maheshwari

Built enterprise grade logistics and ERP  systems.  Then founded FuelPanda – $10M Last mile delivery business.

Sagar Bhatta

Head of CS & Product
Co-founded an E-commerce startup in South Asia. Later, ran delivery operations for FuelPanda

Soham Dhakal

Head of Engineering
Ran 500-700 people engineering teams in South Asia as COO, Engineering Head and own consulting firm.

Rohit Srivastav

Head of Marketing

A seasoned SaaS marketer with a decade of experience across ZoomInfo, Netcore, and CleverTap among others.

Greg Fox

VP sales

Built multiple B2B enterprise SaaS teams and products from $0 – $20M+ in ARR. 13-years within the Fuel/Convenience industry leading GasBuddy and Skupos to acquisition.

Fleetpanda is more than just a vendor. We’re your partner, here to help you grow your business.