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What Customers are saying about FleetPanda

Profile image of Carl Kleimann from Moffitt Services.
Carl Kleimann
Owner/Partner at Moffitt Services

“We looked at different vendors and a lot of legacy, old-school guys who've been around for a while. What caught our attention with FleetPanda was that they have a very modern stack. They are a true solution partner to our company.”

Profile image of Perry Taylor formerly from 3L USA.
Perry Taylor
Fmr. President of 3L

“FleetPanda is a fully integrated system and not just one solution for one piece of operations. Their flexibility, ability to customize the product basis customer needs and smooth communication even during the pilot program were impressive.”

Profile image of Patrick McNeece from McNeece Bros.
Patrick McNeece
Partner at McNeece Bros

“The FleetPanda team has been a pleasure to work with. They're responsive, they listen to my wants and needs. It was everything that I had envisioned in my own head right there on the computer screen.”

Profile image of Alexander Salazar from 3L USA.
Alex Salazar
VP of Operations at 3L

“Fleet Panda has changed the game on the operations of our distribution companies.Technology such as this has been much needed in our industry, and we are proud to have been one of the first customers to sign up with FleetPanda”

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