Provide modern Customer Experience.  

Your customers now use Uber, Netflix, Amazon.
They are no longer willing to accept the old way of business.
Raise the bar and win their hearts before someone else does.

Get realtime feedback from customers

Give customers transparency, insight and an opportunity to give real time feedback.

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Order booking

A call for placing an order is the most important call you get!

Give a modern order booking module to your reps so they have all information at the finger tips and get the order right.

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Modernize your web presence

Modern, well-designed website fully integrated into your back-office. That's magic!

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Create a beautiful website with modern widgets

Beautiful ordering form on the website

Sync orders placed into the website directly into the ordering system

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Customer portal + ordering from own portal

Give customers their own portal on your website to login and see past orders

Customers can add or remove equipment

Customers can place orders or make changes right from the portal

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