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You are an expert in fuel distribution and we are in software. It's a match made in heaven!

Maybe you have something that was purchased 30 years ago, maybe you are shuffling a lot of paper, maybe you are trying to make old systems work with newer ones. Our expert tech architects will do a deep analysis and understand needs from all team members (dispatch, drivers, finance, management) and make recommendations of products for your size of the company.  We are product nerds and keep abreast on all new technologies and solutions in the market.

  • Detailed analysis of all your tech systems and workflows.
  • Assist in finding, evaluating and negotiating the right software vendors for you.
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Every business is different. A business needs what it needs. Sometimes you need specific functionality or features that your vendors don't provide. Our engineers can scope it out and build it for you. It’s like having your own software engineering team for fraction of the cost of an engineering team. It's really - Silicon valley as a service!

  • Custom feature development
  • Help with integrations with other software vendors
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  • Dispatchers trained in using FleetPanda Platform available to run your dispatch operations.
  • Augment or grow your dispatch team.
  • Provide night coverage or utilize us 24*7
  • We will work with you to create repeatable playbooks and our dispatch team will utilize them to run part of your dispatch work.
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Business Intelligence-as-a-Service

We are working with many fuel marketers like yourself. We can work with you to define which KPIs to measure, bring industry benchmarks and setup systems for you to track those in your business. What Gets Measured Gets Improved

  • Work with management to define clear KPIs
  • Implement ways to automatically track and monitor KPIs
  • Automate weekly, monthly, quarterly reporting
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Our team has experience migrating, cleaning and merging petabytes of data from various legacy systems. Maybe you want to migrate data to other accounting systems or have to move data from one software vendor to another. We can help.
We eat and sleep data!

  • Data cleanup from old systems
  • Merging data from different systems to create one true record of everything
  • Migrating data between different software systems
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