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FleetPanda for Lubricants Distribution

Making lubricants distribution friction-less. Just like lubricants.

Move beyond time-consuming manual methods. Our comprehensive solution Simplify your lubricants workflow including order creation, optimized dispatch, real-time tracking, and automated invoicing.

Take Control of Deliveries - Avoid Delays and Mistakes

With real-time updates on driver routes, schedules, and inventory for all your products, you can avoid delays and reduce mistakes all from one place.

Enhance Operational Efficiency with Digitized Workflows

Digitize driver and dispatch workflows to prevent costly mistakes, like delivering the wrong lubricant product due to similar looking packaging, lower your operating costs, and increase efficiency.

Improve Driver-Dispatcher Communication

No more paper tickets or endless back-and-forths. Use our centralized solution to enable real-time communication between drivers and dispatchers.

Manage packaged and bulk deliveries on one single platform.

Order Creation, Scheduling and Dispatch
Create and manage orders. Track driver routes and schedules.
Empower dispatchers with digitized processes to manage daily workflows
Create and manage bulk and packaged delivery orders separately on a single platform 
Streamline inventory checks, mixing and pre-packaging to ensure 100% accuracy in order fulfillment and effective truck capacity utilization 
Track driver routes and schedules in real-time, removing guesswork from operations 
Optimize driver routes to reduce unnecessary road time and avoid truck clean-ups that result from inefficient routing
Inventory tracking
Track inventory and assets with ease
Optimize inventory management with real-time visibility into warehouse and truck inventory.
Ensure accurate tracking and minimize discrepancies
Streamline post-trip workflows like unloading retained products back to warehouses
Re-route retained products to customers in real-time
Digitized Driver Workflows
Bring all driver workflows on a single app
Empower drivers with an Uber-like app that brings together every functionality drivers need to fulfill all orders accurately.
Guide drivers through the loading and delivery processes with clear step-by-step instructions. For instance – drivers can see a suggestive load order on the app and once they select it a load order gets auto-created on the dispatcher’s side.
Allow drivers to self-record warehouse transfer
QR-code based delivery and tracking to ensure drivers are delivering the right products
Reduce the back and forth calls between drivers and dispatchers with real-time updates
Billing and Invoicing Automation
Simplify shift reconciliation and invoicing processes
Ensure accurate and faster invoicing with integrated dispatch and accounting
Get a papertrail of the entire shift for easy reconciliation
Auto-sync field data into accounting systems and enable same-day invoicing

Other features that might interest you:

  • Recurring order automation
  • Weekly shift planner
  • Fee management
  • Reconciliation
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Loading, extraction and transfer orders
  • Pricing automation
  • Customer Portal
  • Lubricants module
  • Back-office and tank monitor integrations
Carl Kleimann, Co-Owner at Moffitt Services
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“FleetPanda's Lubricants module has revolutionized our operations, significantly boosting efficiency and precision. It's eliminated load and delivery errors and streamlined our invoicing process. With QR code technology ensuring accurate deliveries, it's a true game-changer for anyone in the lube distribution business. “

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Alex Salazar
VP of Operations at 3L Energy Solutions


How is packaged delivery vs Bulk delivery handled in the system?
Our system supports both bulk and packaged delivery. Dispatchers can create both types of orders on the platform. We allow different quantity rates to incorporate packaged delivery.
Yes, our system enables real-time tracking of inventory on the truck just like it does for fuel.
Yes, we allow adding barcodes of each product on FleetPanda. When drivers are loading the truck they can simply scan the barcode to ensure it’s the right product.
We integrate with many back office systems ( e.g. QB , VS etc ) for inventory management. We make sure that the data is completely synced for you to accurately record and track inventory.

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