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FleetPanda for On-site Fuelling

Streamlined on-site fueling operations from order-to-cash, without a hitch

Your business runs best when operations are effortless. Whether it’s fuelling a construction site, agricultural equipment or handling emergency orders – FleetPanda’s on-site fueling software equips your operations team with tools to manage deliveries from start to end error and hassle-free.

Eliminate common human errors

Depending on paper, spreadsheets and people-driven processes result in errors and delays. Modern cloud-based solutions digitize your entire operations to maximize efficiency and reduce errors.

Never miss fuelling an equipment/asset with streamlined dispatch

Effectively plan your driver shifts, track driver location in real-time, account for every drop of fuel delivered/loaded and never worry about missing a stop.

Accurately Measure Fuel Dispensed with wireless LCR Meter Integrations

Accurately track gallons loaded and delivered in-real time with wireless meter integrations and zero manual efforts.

Simplify the complexity of managing multiple loads and delivery orders

Order Management
Create, schedule, dispatch and track all orders from a single platform
With a centralized dispatch dashboard, dispatchers can easily manage all orders throughout the day without depending on people, spreadsheets and back to back phone calls.
Plan driver shifts and routes efficiently to manage multiple stops while maximizing driver and truck capacity, reducing overtime and resource costs
Know exactly where drivers are at any given moment with real-time tracking
Easily route call-in orders to drivers with real-time visibility into driver locations, shifts and compartment-level inventory
Trigger auto-order creation for recurring orders by setting up custom schedules for recurring customers
Streamlined Driver Workflows
Maximize driver efficiency with digitized workflows
A single app for drivers to seamlessly manage their daily orders – ensuring accurate and on-time deliveries.
Access to order details (customer ship-tos, product/amount to be delivered, suppliers to load from) , right at their fingertips
Scan QR codes to pull out asset details and start fuelling them – ensuring right product is delivered to the right customer
Directly capture BOLs on the app for easy shift verification
Automatically capture gallons delivered/loaded on the app, eliminating the need for handling paper tickets
Record customer signatures as proof of delivery
Complete deliveries in remote areas using offline mode that allows drivers to access the app even in no network areas
LCR Meter-Integrations
Keep track of every drop of fuel loaded and delivered
Accurately account for fuel dispensed with uninterrupted wireless meter integrations.
Capture the amount of fuel loaded/delivered on the driver app without the need to manually record gallons and avoid errors in recording data
Auto-sync data to dispatch portal and avoid back and forth calls between drivers and dispatchers to double-check deliveries
Minimize hardware requirements and additional costs associated with it
Integrate with LCRiQ, LCR II, LCR 600 meters
Billing and Invoicing Automation
Get paid faster with dispatch- accounting integrations
Bill customers on the same day and share real-time transactional updates with real-time dispatch and accounting sync.
View the entire paper-trail of every shift that includes inventory at the start and end of every shift, assets fuelled/topped off, amount delivered – basically everything that happened during the shift.
Push shift data to accounting systems in the touch of a button, saving uncountable hours of busy work
Send accurate invoices to customers on the same-day for faster and higher cash flow

Other features that might interest you:

  • Recurring order automation
  • Weekly shift planner
  • Fee management
  • Reconciliation
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Loading, extraction and transfer orders
  • Pricing automation
  • Customer Portal
  • Lubricants module
  • Back-office and tank monitor integrations
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“With FleetPanda, we can effortlessly keep track of our drivers and deliveries, even in isolated areas. This level of transparency has improved the way we handle the complexities of our operations. FleetPanda has kept its promise of giving us a customized dispatch solution. ”

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Michael Louis
Vice President, Pacific States Petroleum


How does wireless LCR meter integration work?

We’ve built a system that integrates with your LCR meters via wireless bluetooth. With this integration, drivers are able to directly capture the number of gallons loaded/delivered on the app without manually noting the delivery numbers.

FleetPanda is built by a team that used to be fuel distributors, not long ago. We didn’t just acquire our solution; we built it from scratch with passion and dedication. There are mainly six reasons:

  • People behind the platform: We’re proud to be led by a unique mix of engineers from Silicon Valley and ex-Fuel Distributors. We know where the shoe pinches and how to make it right.
  • Cutting-edge tech: Run your business with Amazon & Uber-like tech. FleetPanda’s cloud-first, smartphone-centric approach eliminates on-prem hassles. Our bi-weekly product updates constantly elevate your operational efficiency.
  • Customization: Our product and implementation team is flexible and ready to adapt to the way you do business. You won’t have to change your business processes for our software.
  • All Business Lines Supported: Along with your on-site fuelling business we support your Truck & Trailer, Transport, Lubricants, Propane, emergency response business lines – all in a single platform, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Go live in weeks, not months: You can start using our system in just 2-4 weeks. We don’t make you pay and wait for months to get started.
  • 24*7 Support: Our support team responds in less than 10 minutes. Every time. We’re always ready to help you out.
We have an offline mode that allows drivers to access the app and its information even while delivering to remote locations with no cellular network, ensuring uninterrupted deliveries.
We have existing integrations with back-office/accounting systems like Quickbooks, PetroleumRX, NetSuite, iRely, PDI, DM2. We also built custom integrations based on customer requirements.
Our dispatch portal offers a recurring order module that helps dispatchers create custom schedules for recurring customers – almost like setting up a recurring meeting on google calendars. Based on the schedules, the system auto-creates and assigns the order, ensuring you don’t miss out on any deliveries.

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