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FleetPanda for Propane/Heating Oil Dealers

Simplify the complexities of propane delivery with an easy-to-use software

Accurate, timely propane deliveries need sophisticated dispatch and logistics software. From route optimization to real-time tracking – FleetPanda empowers your operations team with modern-day tools and tech to manage every propane delivery with precision.

Automate order to cash process

Eliminate manual processes and modernize all operational workflows from order-to-cash to make propane deliveries efficient.

Stay ahead of the curve - outpace competition

Ensure efficient, timely deliveries and accuracy in billing processes that enhance customer trust and satisfaction, giving you a competitive edge.

Be future ready - with scale and features

Whether you’re expanding your customer base, adding delivery vehicles, or entering new business lines, our software enables you to adapt and change as your business grows.

Manage packaged and bulk deliveries on one single platform.

Order Management
Minimize errors and costs in deliveries with streamlined order dispatch
Empower dispatchers with simplified processes to create, schedule, dispatch and track all orders from a single platform.
Plan out driver shifts efficiently to ensure all orders are fulfilled timely
Optimize driver routes to maximize number of deliveries while reducing operations costs
Easily respond to changing circumstances (like immediate will-call orders, missed deliveries) with real-time visibility into driver shifts, location and overall operations
Maintain accurate and up-to-date information on inventory with real-time inventory tracking
Streamlined Driver Workflows
Give drivers all delivery information right on their smartphones
An uber-like app for drivers to easily complete their deliveries efficiently, eliminating the tedious work of managing paper-tickets and risking costly human errors.
Give drivers their complete schedule with precise delivery information (customer, address, amount etc) on the app
For metered deliveries – use wireless bluetooth meter integrations to record delivery numbers directly on the app from the truck
Record proof of deliveries like digital customer signatures, printed delivery tickets on the app
Tank Monitor Integration
Monitor customer tank levels 24*7 without any manual effort
Eliminate run-outs and instances of emergency deliveries with automated tank monitoring.
Get all your tank monitor data in real-time on a single screen to avoid manually monitoring tank levels across different systems
Set-up auto-order creation for when tank levels drop below threshold level to never miss a delivery and uphold keep-fill contracts
Get instant refill alerts and notifications for of any asset movements to ensure drivers don’t end up going to the wrong location
Billing and Invoicing
Process invoices without errors
Ensure same-day invoice processing and 100% accuracy in billing with real-time dispatch-accounting integration.
Get accurate delivery data from the field
Generate faster invoices with digitized shift reconciliation and verification processes
Push out field data into your accounting systems without the need to hand-key paper-tickets

Other features that might interest you:

  • Recurring order automation
  • Weekly shift planner
  • Fee management
  • Reconciliation
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Loading, extraction and transfer orders
  • Pricing automation
  • Customer Portal
  • Lubricants module
  • Back-office and tank monitor integrations


I have other business lines in my business and I want all of them on one screen. Is that possible with FleetPanda?
Yes! FleetPanda is a unified logistics platform that brings together all your business lines into one cohesive platform. All kinds of fuel, lubes (including packaged delivery), propane, tank wagon and wethosing, Truck and trailer and transport – all of it can be done in one place instead of taping together different systems that don’t play well with each other.
Yes it does! We have ready-to-go integrations with back-office systems like Quickbooks, PetroleumRX, NetSuite, iRely, PDI, DM2 CRM like Salesforce HRIS like Kronos and ADP Tank Monitor like Annova, SmartTank, Wesroc, Graco and Ecogreen. Fuel Pricing Software like DTN and OPIS. We also periodically build custom integrations for clients should they need it and we can do the same for you.
In the dynamic landscape of propane delivery – efficiency, timely and accurate deliveries is what sets you apart. That’s where FleetPanda steps in, transforming the way you manage day-to-day operations. Dispatchers save hours of busy work by digitizing routine tasks like creating orders, shift planning, routing and tracking driver activities. Drivers benefit from an intuitive uber-like app that gives them every bit of information they need to complete all deliveries – reducing the constant back and forth with dispatchers.
Data is a valuable asset for every business today. We have a number of off-the-shelf reports that you can use to make sense of all the operations data you have and make better business decisions. We can also create custom reports so everyone in your business can see the metrics that are important to them.

Gain an edge over your competition with FleetPanda