FleetPanda Partners with iRely: Coming together of 2 Best of Breed Software

FleetPanda for Rental Asset Management

Track and manage rental assets. Maximize returns.

From tanks to nozzles, streamline the delivery and tracking of rental assets. Calculate ROI and easily optimize utilization.

Centralized Asset Tracking

Ensure your rental assets are when and where they need to be. Keep track of each asset's location and movement history at one place.

Calculate and enhance ROI

FleetPanda calculates equipment profitability based on fuel prices and shows tank utilization percentages, suggesting schedule changes for optimization. The platform presents a timeline view with fuel delivery data and profitability throughout asset movement.

More visibility, less chaos

Your team can track equipment location, usage, and ROl, and view all business lines - rental assets, transport, and more-on a single screen. Integrations with tank monitors and back-office software keep data and teams synchronized in real time.

FleetPanda’s features for Rental Asset Management.

Asset Movement and Documentation
Create detailed asset movement orders by specifying tank size, type peripherals requested etc.
Easily track the movement of tanks and equipment across locations in the order well. Dispatchers always know exactly where every asset is.
Attach documents to movements for easy reference and accountability. Add documents to asset movements and create equipment movement orders for easy reference and accountability.
Profitability and Utilization Insights
FleetPanda calculates tank utilization so you know how much it’s being used and how profitable each piece of equipment is. You also get movement and utilization history details on the same screen.
For example, a 1500-gallon tank may only receive 100 gallons every other day, while a 750-gallon tank may require 500 gallons daily.
Analyzing utilization would allow for equipment optimization and reduced delivery frequency This helps you make smart decisions about where and how to use your assets.
Driver management
Drivers have all the key information loaded into the app like pre-trip and post-trip activities, schedule for the day, supplier details, and other delivery-related instructions. No more back and forth calls with dispatchers.
Every asset/vehicle/equipment has a QR code which drivers simply need to scan to pull out all details and enter the gallons. While fuelling multiple vehicles, drivers don’t have to worry about fuelling the right equipment.
The app allows drivers to capture BOL images, digitally record customer signatures, and hand over printed delivery tickets to customers. They can enter notes for dispatchers to see, even create orders themselves. They can also do all this offline when there is no cell service using the offline mode!

Other features that might interest you:

  • Recurring order automation
  • Weekly shift planner
  • Fee management
  • Reconciliation
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Loading, extraction and transfer orders
  • Pricing automation
  • Customer Portal
  • Lubricants module
  • Back-office and tank monitor integrations

What some of our Asset Management have to say:


I have other business lines in my business and I want all of them on one screen. Is that possible with FleetPanda?
Yes! FleetPanda is a unified logistics platform that brings together all your business lines into one cohesive platform. All kinds of fuel, lubes (including packaged delivery), propane, tank wagon and wethosing, ruck and trailer and ofcourse transport – all of it can be done in one place instead of taping together 4 different systems that don’t play well with each other.
Dispatch Dashboard: See driver locations, daily schedules, and order status in real-time.

Driver App: Uber-like app to automate driver workflows.

Order Management: Create, assign and manage all order types from one platform. Automate order creation for recurring orders, and tank fill-ups.

Billing & Invoicing: Sync dispatch and accounting systems and generate accurate quotes and invoices in half the time.

Pricing Automation: FleetPanda automatically generates quotes, applies them to delivery orders, and syncs to your back-office system to generate invoices.

Customer Portal: Send out branded delivery tickets that captures all order details to customers in real-time and give them access to a customer portal.

Reporting & Analytics: Get the business Intelligence data you need to make better decisions.

Integrations: Sync dispatch with back-office software like accounting systems, CRMs, HRIS software etc and also with tank monitors and LCR meters.

We come to your workspace to train your team and ensure you’re set up for success and that your team is comfortable and happy to adopt to the new platform. We’ll work with your back-office team to clean the data and integrate your systems. We’ll work with your dispatch team to ensure they’re comfortable with the system. We’ll also drive around with your drivers to ensure they’re comfortable using the app.
FleetPanda is built by a team that used to be fuel distributors, not long ago. We didn’t just acquire our solution; we built it from scratch with passion and dedication. There are mainly six reasons:
  • People behind the paltform: We’re proud to be led by a unique mix of engineers from Silicon Valley and ex-Fuel Distributors. We know where the shoe pinches and how to make it right.
  • Cutting-edge tech: Run your business with Amazon & Uber-like tech. FleetPanda’s cloud-first, smartphone-centric approach eliminates on-prem hassles. Our bi-weekly product updates constantly elevate your operational efficiency.
  • Customization: Our product and implementation team is flexible and ready to adapt to the way you do business. You won’t have to change your business processes for our software.
  • All Business Lines Supported: Whether it’s Tank Wagon, Wet Hosing, Truck & Trailer, Transport, Lubricants, or Propane – FleetPanda has you covered, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Go live in weeks, not months: You can start using our system in just 2-4 weeks. We don’t make you pay and wait for months to get started.
  • 24*7 Support: Our support team responds in less than 10 minutes. Every time. We’re always ready to help you out.

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