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All your existing systems work as one.
Integrations with FleetPanda are that easy.

Connect FleetPanda’s dispatch system with your existing tools to break down data walls, and create a single source of truth for all your business-critical data.

One place to see, manage, and act on all data

Move your departments fast with connected data flow

Connecting all your systems helps every part of your business work better, from faster billing to better fuel pricing and accurate delivery information.

Remove double data entry and other manual errors

No more manually typing in the same data multiple times. This not only saves time but also reduces mistakes that can happen when entering data by hand.

Adopting new software takes much less effort and time

With an open ecosystem, you can easily bring in new tools from outside FleetPanda, less new integrations mean saving time and money, both.

Integrations for your entire tech stack

Tank Monitoring

Hooking up your tank monitors with our dispatch system makes managing your deliveries a breeze. Set a refill level for each customer tank, and when it dips to that point, an order's automatically placed. This means your customers won't run out of fuel. And with live updates on tank levels, you’ll know the perfect time to drop by. Fewer extra stops, shorter driver routes, and no more small drops – just tanks that are always topped up and happy customers.


All your delivery data gets automatically updated in your accounting system. It's like having everything neatly organized in one place. No more hand keying data or double-checking shifts. This makes life easier for your drivers, dispatch team, and the finance folks. The best part? Faster, mistake-free bills and getting paid quicker. Sounds good?


Connecting FleetPanda with your CRM means your customer info flows smoothly between the two. You can quickly share customer details from dispatch to your CRM.  With all your customer details in FleetPanda, you can offer special deals to loyal customers. When you add a new customer to your CRM, they automatically appear in FleetPanda.

LCR  Meters

With the driver app linked to LCR meters, you can easily track each drop of fuel loaded or delivered. On top of it, this data is automatically recorded on the app, so drivers don’t have to manually jot down meter readings. Plus, dispatchers can see this data instantly on their portal, which means no more endless calls with drivers to double-check deliveries.


With pricing software integration, you can now import daily fuel prices from multiple sources with just a few clicks. With all your customer contracts in FleetPanda, pricing and quote details are mapped and  auto-applied to delivery orders. This cuts down the time spent by pricing managers to half. Without anyone lifting a finger - load and delivery orders are auto-linked and BOL and pricing data is sent  to the accounting systems. This enables you to send instant or same-day invoices to your customers, thus increasing your cash flow.

FleetPanda works with you, the way you want

Custom-built Integrations

At FleetPanda, we're not just about standard solutions. We can also create special connections just for your business needs.


A transparent approach to integration means seeing your integration up and running in just weeks - not months and years

Help When You Need It

If you run into any issues or have questions, at any point before, during, or past our contract, just give us a call, email, or text. We've got your back!

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