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Integrate dispatch-accounting; automate invoicing, and get paid faster

Ensure frictionless dispatch-accounting integration that significantly reduces your time-to-cash while eliminating dollar-heavy manual errors

Remove errors in invoicing

Connect accounting and dispatch systems to see shift details immediately. This gets rid of the need for physical paperwork and manual input, reducing mistakes from paper based processes.

Eliminate double data entry

The integration between dispatch and accounting creates a single source of truth for all your delivery data, thus, eliminating any duplicate data entry and invoicing errors that follow.

Give your customers a better experience

The complete elimination of manually reviewing paper tickets, reconciling gallons for every shift ensures accurate, timely invoices that adds to a great customer experience.

From dispatch to accounting- digitize workflows for speedy invoices

Error-free invoices with simplified shift reconciliation processes
The dispatch portal provides a paper-trail of each shift including driver log-in times, inventory at the beginning and end of every shift, loads, deliveries and driver notes. Much like a general ledger, it helps you account for every drop of fuel dispensed and adjust shift gallons to balance any kind of line losses without manually reviewing paper-tickets, manually reconciling shifts and getting on constant calls with drivers. This minimizes invoicing errors, enables same day-billing/invoicing and in turn fastens the cash flow.
Automated dispatch-accounting sync for quicker invoicing
The shift board gives you real-time order status visibility, consolidating different order stages (like active, complete, verified – based on what you want to see). You can push out all verified shifts to your accounting system in a single click. That speeds up invoice processing, ensures customers are billed accurately and automates data flow from dispatch to accounting, eliminating manual effort.
Single source of truth for all data with dispatch-accounting systems integration
Bridging dispatch and accounting systems enables seamless data flow between the two systems. Your operations teams no longer have to go through tedious tasks like hand-keying data into the back office systems or worry about double-data/inaccurate data entries
Carl Kleimann, Co-Owner at Moffitt Services
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We aimed to improve our order to invoicing to cash turnover timeline. The longer it took for invoices to go out the door, the longer it took for the money to come in. And to achieve that, we needed to find ways to streamline the entire order process from beginning to end. FleetPanda helped our billing to become more efficient and seamless.

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Alex Salazar
VP of Operations at 3L Energy Solutions
3L energy Solutions

Why customers love FleetPanda’s billing and invoicing system: 

Integration capabilities

Custom-built integrations that ensure smooth data flow between dispatch and accounting, eliminating manual data entry challenges with legacy systems that lack integrations.

Hands-on implementation

Get up and running on the platform in just a couple of weeks (including all integrations) with a white-glove implementation process.

Improvement in cash flows

Realize real efficiency gains in terms of quicker and higher cash flows