FleetPanda Partners with iRely: Coming together of 2 Best of Breed Software


Slash Manual Tasks, Maximize Efficiency with a one de-facto dashboard

Monitor your operations with real-time field updates on a single-screen view

Increase Operational Efficiency

Perfect your Shift & Route Planning

Utilize real-time driver location and daily schedule data to intelligently match orders with the ideal drivers, optimizing routes and shift planning for timely, accurate deliveries at the lowest possible costs.

Elevate Your Customer Service Game

Say goodbye to paper-based order creation and planning. Gain instant access to order status updates, empowering your team to quickly address customer inquiries and significantly improve your overall customer service.

Streamline Driver-Dispatcher Communication

Simplify workflows for both drivers and dispatchers, reducing unnecessary back-and-forth communication for order or delivery-related information, fostering smoother, more efficient communication.

How the Dispatch Dashboard is set up in our Customers’ offices

Revolutionize Your Operations with Advanced Tracking & Control

Interactive Map View
FleetPanda’s map view gives you access to real-time driver and customer locations, so dispatchers don’t have to pick up the phone to know where drivers are. Geofencing further gives you specific data like the exact time when drivers entered/left a location, the time they spent at each location, and gallons delivered per minute. These data points become a great source for creating business reports that give strategic insights like customer profitability, delivery efficiency, and more. 
Intelligent Shift Planner
The shift planner gives you a complete view of each driver’s schedule, routes, stops assigned, and inventory-level information without switching between tools or spreadsheets.
Schedules may not always go as planned. Drivers may not be able to complete a delivery due to traffic or weather conditions. There might be emergency or call-in orders. Being able to track driver shifts in such depth enables you to make strategic dispatch decisions like which driver to assign the order and ensure you fulfill all orders. The best part – You can do all of this with a simple drag-and-drop action.
Centralized Order Hub
Efficiently manage all your orders in one place. The dispatch dashboard consolidates every order type – Tank Monitoring, Recurring, Call-in, Self-dispatch, and even those created on other systems. Never miss an order again with all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Hear what our customers say about us

Carl Kleimann, Co-Owner at Moffitt Services
Up Quote

“With FleetPanda, our dispatchers are better able to manage their orders and get orders out to drivers in a much more efficient manner.  We actually have real-time data that we can use in analytics and making business decisions on how we want to proceed in growing the company. We have data from the efficiency of drivers, how long it took them to complete all their loads in the shift, how many gallons they delivered, and how much time it took them to deliver all their stops in the day. All of this information is extremely useful.” 

Down Quote
Alex Salazar
VP of Operations at 3L Energy Solutions
3L energy Solutions
Carl Kleimann, Co-Owner at Moffitt Services
Up Quote

"Before FleetPanda, tracking drivers and managing deliveries was mostly guesswork and manual labor. With FleetPanda, everything is easier. We track drivers in real-time and automate many tasks, freeing up dispatchers. This makes same-day deliveries smoother and boosts our efficiency."

Down Quote
Chuck Phelps
President/Chief Operating Officer at Pacific States Petroleum
Pacific States Petroleum

Why Fuel Marketers love FleetPanda’s dispatch dashboard! 

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate effortlessly with our intuitive dashboard design. Access all the information you need in just one click.

Tailored Dashboard

Rearrange sections, like the map, order well, and shift planner, to create a dashboard layout that fits your unique requirements.

Manage Operations on the Go

Our cloud-based platform ensures you can access the dashboard from anywhere with an internet connection.

Impress Your Customers

Showcase the dashboard on large screens to leave a lasting, positive impression on customers and gain a competitive edge.