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Ditch paper tickets, reduce errors, and increase driver efficiency with the driver app

From logging hours to collecting data to completing deliveries – empower drivers with automated workflows to manage orders right from their smartphones

Improve Driver Experiences

Increase driver retention

Streamline driver workflows with an all-in-one app, simplifying field experiences and eliminating manual tasks. With drivers now efficiently managing their loads, the overall job satisfaction increases which in turn drives up retention.

Reduce operational costs

Give drivers fingertip access to all the information they need, and see instances of loading from the wrong supplier, inaccurate delivery numbers, and longer routes reduce to zero and cut down your operations costs across the board.

Boost driver productivity

Automated and streamlined driver workflows save up hours of your drivers' day, which they would otherwise spend collecting paperwork from the field and calling up the dispatchers to get some information, amongst other manual tasks.

See how the QR Code and LCR Meter integration works

Streamline driver workflows with an Uber-like intuitive Mobile app

Guided Driver Workflows
FleetPanda’s driver app provides intuitive, guided workflows for drivers to complete their daily orders with 100 % accuracy. Drivers have all the key information like pre-trip and post-trip activities, schedule for the day, supplier details, delivery-related instructions loaded into the app. So there’s no jumping on back-and-forth calls with dispatchers.
They can capture field information electronically. Without putting in any manual effort of collecting and maintaining paperwork, drivers can ensure accurate and timely deliveries and not worry about errors in paperwork or perhaps loading from the wrong supplier. This translates into thousands of dollars saved and an optimized fuel purchasing strategy.
QR codes for every Vehicle/Asset/Equipment
Every asset/vehicle/equipment has a QR code which drivers simply need to scan to pull out all details and enter the gallons. While fuelling multiple vehicles, drivers don’t have to worry about remembering which vehicle they’re fuelling. This significantly reduces the time drivers spend moving around to identify the vehicle or asset number for every fueling task.
Field Notes
Drivers are able to add notes (like failed delivery, or tank location) which get updated on the dispatcher’s portal in real time. These updates again reduce the communication chaos between drivers and dispatchers. Simultaneously, dispatchers can easily handle customer queries without reaching out to the drivers while they’re on the run. 
BOLs, customer signatures & more
The app allows drivers to capture BOL images, digitally record customer signatures, and hand over printed delivery tickets to customers. These records come in handy for dispatchers to verify orders and process invoices faster. At the same time, it elevates the customer service level. 
Offline Mode
The offline mode allows drivers to access order details and complete their job even in no-network areas. This is especially a game changer in fueling customers located in remote areas with no internet connection, as drivers can continue their operations uninterrupted, without switching to manual mode. 
Drivers can create orders on the app for customers who place orders directly with them. This is reflected in the dispatch dashboard allowing dispatchers to keep a track of all orders in real-time and ensuring no order is missed.

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“We've actually had a lot of success in impacting the front end process, which is where the driver sources the fuel. So it provides a great platform, much better than text or email or any other means, to make sure that the driver knows which loading number to use at which terminal and to make sure that we're optimizing our purchasing strategy. Before that, that was a very manual process and not always carried out with perfect execution.”

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Carl Kleiman
Moffitt Services

Why Fuel Marketers love FleetPanda’s Driver App 

Intuitive dashboard

Unlike other complex apps, FleetPanda’s driver app is extremely intuitive and easy for drivers to navigate their way through.

Accessible to common carriers

Add common carriers drivers on the dispatch portal, and enable drivers to download the app to receive their schedules and other details.

QR-code system

Manual efforts are painful. Barcode systems are not the best. The QR codes on every asset/vehicle/equipment make it easy for drivers to pull out data by simply scanning.