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Automated Pricing and Contract Management

Accurate quotes and invoices 
in half the time

Put pricing, dispatch and biller workflows on autopilot with FleetPanda. FleetPanda automatically generates quotes by combining fuel price and customer contract specifications, applies them to delivery orders, and syncs the data to your back-office system to generate invoices.


Business growth: Automate your tedious pricing and invoice workflows so you can focus on activities that support business growth.
Accurate quotes and invoices: No more billing disputes due to human errors in creating quotes, orders and invoices.
More visibility and less chaos: All your pricing, dispatch, delivery and reconciliation information in one place.
Automated Pricing Workflows
Focus on business growth, not manual tasks
Save 3 hours a day per pricing manager per shift by eliminating manual repetitive tasks.
Fleetpanda takes in fuel price, auto-calculates quotes by adding the taxes, margins, freight fees etc, based on the customer contracts and auto-applies it to delivery orders.
Pricing Managers can specify the top 3 terminals and loading racks for each order for the dispatcher/driver to choose from.
Same-day Invoicing
Get paid faster and increase cash flow
With automatic BOL linking, as soon as the delivery is done, the load and delivery orders are auto-linked and sent to the back-office.
The pricing which was auto-applied to the order also gets pushed to your accounting systems.
This enables you to do instant or same day invoicing and cuts the time required to create a invoice, by half.
Accurate quotes and Invoices
No more human error
FleetPanda auto-calculates quotes by mapping customer contract details like margin, taxes, freight, product type etc and fuel prices.
On the invoicing side, we seamlessly sync pricing, shift details, and BOL data to your back-office.
No more incorrect deliveries, suboptimal pricing, or billing disputes
Centralized Platform
All your information, in one place
Are you constantly calling drivers, rummaging through paperwork, and switching between spreadsheets tabs to get information?
Imagine everything you need – pricing, dispatch, delivery and reconciliation information, in one cohesive screen.
With all the business intelligence you need, easily know what’s working and fix what’s not.

Gain an edge over both pricing and speed of delivery with FleetPanda