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360° Operational Visibility

See everything.

Pour gasoline on what's working.

Pour gasoline

on what's working.

Put out the fires in what's not.


FleetPanda is a centralized fuel dispatch software that digitizes your operations and automates busywork.

This means fuel marketers unlock extra capacity with their existing setup, get paid faster and scale their operations easily to hit their growth goals.

Operations teams finally get a single view of their entire operations so they can plan better, and make better decisions.

Bonus: Everyone has all the data they need in one platform that is updated in real time. No more errors due to miscommunications.

For Management

360° visibility » Better business decisions

What gets measured, gets managed.
With FleetPanda you finally get to measure and see what is happening with your teams, so you can effectively manage them.

The Problem

We have a lot of tanks, drivers, trucks and fuel. Our job is to place all of them in a way that gives us the maximum profit. But without enough granular data and visibility, we’re not able to figure that out. Do I go out and buy more tanks as my business grows? Are there unused resources that can be utilized better? I don’t know!

Fuel marketer

Texas, US

The Solution

Moffitt Services - Carl Kleimann
Carl Kleimann
Carl Kleimann, Co-Owner at Moffitt Services
Alex Salazar
Ex-VP Operations

For Frontend & Backend Teams Drivers

Cross-functional visibility and communication like never before

Stay on the same page.
Without having to shout across the room or rummage through piles of paper or make calls or texts.
All it takes is a few clicks.


Knows in real-time where every driver is, what fuel and how much is available in each compartment of their truck, the exact status of every order, customer inventory level (via tank monitor) and so much more.


Has all the details they’d need to fulfil the order with the least amount of confusion. Whether it’s supplier details (for eg: top 3 suppliers for each order), order details (for eg: tank and product information) and customer details (for eg: POC’s contact number, geo-pin of the location) and any notes from the dispatcher.


Has all the delivery data they need piped into their backoffice system without them having to do anything – BOL data, delivery ticket information, fee management and pricing details.

Your entire operation- on one screen

Whether its  tank wagon, bulk transport, lubricants, propane, rental assets, or 3PL  – you can manage them all from one screen. No more tool switching, constant calling or digging through hundreds of tabs in excel.
Moffitt Services - Carl Kleimann
Carl Kleimann


Connect all your systems.
See the data floooow.

Let the systems talk to each other.

So your team doesn’t have to copy the same information to a bunch of different systems.

All the information you need, in your fingertips.