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Optimize backend & frontend workflows

FleetPanda gets your frontend and backend teams operating like a well oiled machine. No chaos. No busywork. Just a smooooth operator.

The life of an order

An order goes through 4 stages before it goes out to the backoffice.




Reconciliation & Accounting Sync

FleetPanda helps your team every step of the way.

Order Creation

Set it.
And Forget it.

Creating an order is now just a few clicks. And for recurring and tank monitor orders, it’s not even that. They’re already created and waiting to be dispatched, when you login.

All types of Orders

Whether it’s load, delivery, transfer or extraction (pump-out) orders, create them all with just a few clicks.

Recurring Order Automation

Set up the recurrence rule once – just like you would in a calendar. And never worry about it again.

Tank Monitor Integration

FleetPanda auto-creates orders when the tank monitor value reaches the custom threshold you set. Prevent run-outs and uphold keep-fill contracts with ease.

Customer Portal

Your customers can place order, track deliveries, check order status and view historic order details – all in one place.

I used to come in at 5AM so I can see how I can best fit them into the driver’s schedule. Then I had to look at the tank monitor portals for all our customers. Almost 60% of our business has recurring orders – so I had to create the same orders every week. I was working so much overtime.

Now with FleetPanda I am able to automate all of that,

I’m working on things related to growth and expansion, and I work normal hours!”

Dispatcher of leading fuel marketer

Ohio, US

Order Dispatch/Planning

Drag. Drop. Dispatched.

At all times, know the status of every order, location of every driver and the inventory in every truck.

No more back and forth calls and texts to drivers.

Got an urgent call-in? Check out the nearby trucks in the map-view, view their inventory on a compartment level, and assign the order to the right driver.

Everything you need is just a few clicks away.

Shift Planner

Assign orders to drivers using a single drag & drop. See everything at one glance – each driver’s entire shift plan (for eg. their route, delivery and load details), compartment-level inventory in trucks, status of every order and so much more. Dispatchers can change the sequence of orders, add new ones, re-assign to others and drivers will get notified instantly on their app.

Order Well

See a list of all orders and their details – real-time status, order type, pricing details, product details, planned and delivered gallons, shipto details, etc.

Map View

Track your drivers’ real time location and customer ship-to in either a map or satellite view. Filter to see specific driver or just today’s customers.

Weekly Shift Planner

Schedule out drivers for the week. See what every driver has got going on. A driver is taking an off day? Just drag and drop these to different people, and those are gonna get routed.

Pricing Automation

FleetPanda automatically generates quotes by combining fuel price and customer contract specifications, applies them to delivery orders, and syncs the data to your back-office system to generate invoices.


Give your drivers their easiest day, every day.

QR code or Barcode per asset

Each asset is assigned to a QR/Barcode. Drivers scan it to know instantly which asset they’re at, which product it needs and exactly how many gallons of it. In customer shiptos where there are many assets, if drivers don’t know where the specific tanks are, they can click on the geo pin and it’ll take them to exactly where it is.

LCR Integration

Each drop of fuel loaded or delivered is tracked automatically into the app without the drivers having to run to the back of the truck and manually jot down meter readings. Rest assured that manual errors are now impossible. Plus your dispatchers get instant record of this data.

Whether it was the young drivers or the 20-30 year veteran drivers – they all picked it up quick because

the technology was user friendly.

I’m working on things related to growth and expansion, and I work normal hours!”
Patrick McNeece
McNeece Bros

Reconciliation & Accounting sync

Go from balancing trucks to invoice balances, on the same day.

Moffitt Services - Carl Kleimann
Carl Kleimann

Backoffice Integrations

Get all the BOL (Sales Order) and delivery ticket (Purchase Order) information into the backoffice system without having to handkey data or rummage through piles of paper and spreadsheets.
Same-day invoicing without the errors – that’s what you get.

Validate Deliveries

Using card in-card out times, digital signature, digital billing and receipts, detailed notes, BoL pictures and asset pictures and more – order validation at the end of the day becomes a walk in the park.

Truck Balancing

Track and manage inventory during shifts. Get details about the inventory at the start of each shift, deliveries, product distributions, and truck returns at the end of trips. This transparency helps reconcile any discrepancies or changes made during a shift, ensuring accuracy and accountability in the process.

Credit Check

FleetPanda automatically checks while creating an order if a customer’s credit status is below the set threshold. This way you automate the credit check process.

Dashboards and Reports

Know what’s working. 
Fix what isn’t.

Dispatchers use insights to quickly adapt to changes happening on the field.

Operations Heads utilize metrics for better inventory control, resource allocation and profit maximization.

C-Suite gets customized reports to make informed business decisions in a changing market.

Moffitt Services - Carl Kleimann
Carl Kleimann
Carl Kleimann, Co-Owner at Moffitt Services
Alex Salazar
Ex-VP Operations


Connect all your systems. 
See the data floooow.

Let the systems talk to each other.
So your team doesn’t have to copy the same information to a bunch of different systems.


Hear directly from our customers!

Carl Kleimann, Co-Owner at Moffitt Services
Alex Salazar
Ex-VP Operations
Perry Taylor
Ex-President at 3L USA & Director of Logistics at Coleman Oil
Moffitt Services - Carl Kleimann
Carl Kleimann
VP of Operations Owner/Partner

Operational excellence is within your reach.

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