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Scale & Expand With Ease

Grow and scale your fuel marketing business the right way

Do you go out and buy new tanks, trucks and hire new drivers or are there unused resources that could be utilised better? FleetPanda is a centralized fuel dispatch software that helps you answer such questions and eliminate busywork so you can scale responsibly. Unlock extra capacity with your existing setup, get paid faster and scale operations to hit your growth goals.

Make data-driven business decisions

What gets measured, gets managed.
With FleetPanda you finally get to measure and see what is happening with your teams.
Leaders can know what’s working and fix what’s not to scale effectively.

Moffitt Services - Carl Kleimann
Carl Kleimann
Carl Kleimann, Co-Owner at Moffitt Services
Alex Salazar
Ex-VP Operations

Get extra capacity without growing headcount

By automating routine tasks and deleting paperwork from the busy schedules of your teams, you free them up to work on tasks that are geared towards the growth of the company. And not just keeping the lights on.


A big part of order creation is automated (for eg: tank monitor orders, recurring orders). Shift planning and driver assignment is as easy as a drag-drop. Communication with drivers is made quick and easy with the driver app. Reconciliation at the end of the day is just a few clicks and needs no paperwork.


Have all the details they’d need to fulfil the order with the least amount of confusion – whether it’s customer, order or supplier details. All that time spent in walking back and forth to get the meter readings is now fully eliminated. So they can do more deliveries in lesser time.


Has all the delivery data they need piped into their backoffice system without them having to rummage through paperwork or hundreds of sheets – BOL data, delivery ticket information, fee management and pricing details. They can send out same-day invoices and the scope for error is decreased dramatically.

We launched a 60+ truck operation in a matter of weeks, which is unprecedented in our industry. If you’re looking to conquer inefficiencies within your own organization,

FleetPanda is the ally you need."

Moffitt Services - Carl Kleimann
Carl Kleimann


Tribal knowledge - 
put in one system

All the knowledge present inside your team’s heads – whether its specific details about a customer, unique billing rules etc – everything will now be captured in a system. This means you can grow your teams and train them without being bottlenecked by a few teammates.

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