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5 ways to improve cash flow and reduce costs in on-site fuelling

Whether you’re managing a big fleet or small – fuel expenses account for a significant part of your overall costs. Any fluctuations in fuel prices – have a significant impact on fuel distribution costs. It’s difficult to control or accurately predict the changes in fuel prices. And in situations like this you usually end up […]

Pacific States Petroleum’s Shift from Paper-Centric to Digital-Centric On-site Fuelling Operations with FleetPanda

For 23 years, Pacific States Petroleum, California’s largest on-site fuelling company has consistently delivered on time and provided top-notch service. But behind the scenes, they were drowning in paperwork and manual task management.  The over-reliance on paperwork and manual processes led to inefficiencies and occasional errors. The leadership team at Pacific States realized – it’s […]

Houston fuel distributor 3L Energy Solutions integrates three acquisitions into one large operation, plans to grow

Houston fuel distributor 3L Energy Solutions

SAN MATEO, Calif., April 17, 2023 – 3L Energy Solutions merged three small fuel distributors into one 50-plus-truck operation by modernizing its logistics with FleetPanda, a unified dispatch platform. The move vertically integrates 3L Energy Solutions’ parent company, Spec Oil, into the downstream sector of oil and gas, where it can capture last-mile distribution’s potentially […]

Alex Salazar modernized 3L Energy Solution’s fuel operations, now he eyes 10x growth

Alex Salazar modernized 3L Energy Solution’s fuel operations, now he eyes 10x growth

Alex Salazar, Vice President of Operations at Houston-based 3L Energy Solutions, looked back on one of his most ambitious projects yet. “We turned three fuel distributors that were previously five- to 10-trucks big into one giant 50-, 60-truck operation,” he said. Two years before, Salazar worked in dispatch. He was an MBA grad eager to […]

Unlock Operational Excellence: 5 Tactics Leveraging Fuel Dispatch Software

Have you ever found yourself thinking about how apps like Uber or those delightful food delivery services seem to manage everything so seamlessly? Well, they owe it to their robust logistics and operations, a well-oiled machine fueled by the power of technology. – If you’re looking to take your business up a notch, be it […]