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Ahead of The Game:

How can Fuel Marketers use Tech to Lead the Industry and Outpace the Competition in 2024

Gain an edge over your competition with tech

What will you learn?

Does the fuel marketing industry need software to exist? Absolutely not.

But can it leverage tech to leap into the future, and design a much more efficient way of business?
Absolutely yes.

We have all heard multiple times that using tech will reduce errors, overtime, paperwork and costs.

But how do you choose the right software/hardware for your specific needs?
What should you look for?
And how will it help you?

Get the answers to all these questions and more.

When is it?

9th November, 2023

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST


Who are the speakers?

Rohit Srivastav

Head of Marketing
Built 0-1 B2B marketing teams during $1-$10M ARR growth, as the Head of Growth at now unicorn companies NetApp, CleverTap, Insent(ZoomInfo).

Soham Dhakal

Head of Engineering
Project Lead at Oracle Cerner. Ran 500-700 people engineering teams as COO in South Asia serving clients worldwide., Engineering Head and has his own consulting firm.

Gain an edge over your competition with tech