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On-demand webinar

Digital Transformation in Fuel Marketing

Lessons from Moffitt Services, 3L Energy,
McNeece Bros. and more

Gain an edge over your competition with tech

What will you learn?

There are multiple reasons why fuel marketers opt for digital transformation. Here are some we’ve heard, word to word:


  • When everybody is selling the same product, how do you stand out as a business?
  • With rising truck costs, driver wages, fuel price – how can we transform operations that can save us time and money per order/per shift. Plus – also make it easier for employees to provide great service?
  • Front-end and back-end processes are all manual and error-prone and were manageable when we were doing 20 deliveries. But now – it seems impossible
  • Want to expand into new territories and business lines. To do this without increasing headacount – we need to scale efficiently
  • Want to bring the family business to the 21st century 

And if you’ve felt any of these – this webinar is for you. We talk about:


  • Why and when you should invest in digital transformation
  • How to go about it
  • Common pitfalls and how you can avoid/overcome them


Rohit Srivastav

Head of Marketing
Built 0-1 B2B marketing teams during $1-$10M ARR growth, as the Head of Growth at now unicorn companies NetApp, CleverTap, Insent(ZoomInfo).
Harini Raa

Harini Raa

Product Marketing Manager

Led product marketing at SaaS companies of different sizes ($0-$15M ARR) over the years.

Gain an edge over your competition with tech