How Moffitt Services Leverages FleetPanda to Scale Up, Streamline Operations, and Drive Profitability

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For over seven decades, Moffitt Services has set the standard for fuel and lubricants distribution in Texas. With a rich history of prompt, dependable, and friendly service, Moffitt Services operates from the greater Houston area to West Texas and South Texas, leading four robust business segments.

However, when the company expanded its fuel distribution from 25 million gallons in 2021 to a staggering 39 million gallons in 2022, the need for advanced technological solutions was clear.


To maintain its edge in the industry and continue to provide excellent service, Moffitt Services needed to overcome several significant operational challenges.

Challenge 1: Dispatching Same-Day Orders
With over 60 drivers making deliveries daily, Moffitt Services faced difficulty in efficiently communicating ASAP orders and detailed delivery instructions across its various business segments and locations.

Challenge 2: Delivery Detail Streamlining
The company grappled with delays in receiving delivery ticket information from the field, leading to billing delays and a lack of real-time tracking for deliveries.

Challenge 3: Order Reconciliation
As the volume of load and delivery orders increased, the task of reconciling the growing number of daily transactions became more complex and time-consuming.

The FleetPanda Advantage

FleetPanda's innovative features have revolutionized Moffitt Services' operations:

• Real-time Data Accessibility: Complete access to data regarding deliveries and truck inventory for efficient management.

• Streamlined Fuel Sourcing: Dispatchers can direct drivers to the right fuel terminals, improving fuel purchasing and payables efficiency.

• Automated Billing: FleetPanda's platform generates a Sales Order for each delivery and exports it to the ERP system, automating much of the billing process for improved accuracy.

Key Results

• Rapid launch of a 60+ truck operation across three Texas locations in weeks

• Significant improvement in billing speed and accuracy 

• Enhanced operational efficiency and increased access to Business Intelligence

"We launched a 60+ truck operation in a matter of weeks, which is unprecedented in our industry. If you're looking to conquer inefficiencies within your own organization, FleetPanda is the ally you need"

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Carl Kleimann
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