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A Fuel Marketer’s Guide to Selecting Modern Dispatch Software

Investing in a fuel dispatch software is a make-or-break situation. End up with the wrong one, and you risk operations falling apart with hundred-thousands in upfront and opportunity costs. Don’t take that chance. Grab this guide to ensure you’re investing in the right platform.


About this Guide

In a recent conversation with a fuel distributor from New Jersey, one statement hit home – “In our industry, software is still running 10-12 years behind.” Something that would get most of you nodding in agreement. And fairly so.
Even after investing millions of dollars in legacy systems, most fuel marketers find themselves still struggling with their operations. Another Texas-based leading fuel distributor underscores this further by saying – “There were a lot of promises by different solutions in the marker. But as we spent some time learning more and taking it further, most things that were promised never saw the light of the day.” And this is a story we hear time and again.
So, we decided to put together this guide. It’s your guiding light to choosing the right dispatch software for your business – potentially saving you millions of dollars in the process.
Inside, you will discover a checklist of top 12 factors that are absolutely must-haves in a fuel dispatch software. Additionally, we’ve also added a downloadable checklist and an RFP template to make your decision process easier!
With this guide, put yourself in charge of making the smart choice, not your vendor.