Modern Dispatch software purpose-built for Petroleum Distributors

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Bubbles with text with 'X' mark to signify the challenges of distributing petroleum. Bubbles: Bill of lading, Tank monitoring, Degree day calculation, Dispatch, Taxes, Blend Calculation, Route assignment, Keep-full orders, Back-office entry, Recurring orders, E-Log, Vehicle maintenance, Demurrage, Proof of delivery (POD).
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The petroleum marketers' world is historically dominated by disjoint manual processes leading to knowledge trapped in silos. I am laying the foundation of end-to-end software, so we leverage automation to eliminate busywork, improve net margins, and get visibility into our deliveries' unit-economics.

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Annual productivity gain

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I'm laying down the foundations of software and leveraging computers so that the dispatchers can handle two to three times the number of drivers and have less fires to deal with everyday.

  • Visual representation of 2 hrs (In labor reduction per route).

    Reduction in labor hours per route

  • Visual representation of 10 cents (Reduction in costs per gallon).

    Reduction in costs per gal

  • Visual representation of 40% (Reduction in errors).

    Reduction in errors

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       FleetPanda's Platform is entirely cloud-based, is created by Silicon Valley Engineers, and they release new features very fast. Our support questions get answered in less than a minute, and we are assigned a dedicated product manager for any new requests, and they come onsite to get us fully set up. Highly recommended!
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Jessica Ramos
Operations Manager
California Fuels & Lubricants