Cloud Based SaaS Platform For Fuel Marketers

Built by ex-Amazon, Salesforce engineers. It just works!

No bulky hardware required. Installs instantly and costs a fraction compared to the legacy vendors

Works with your existing hardware

Every business has unique needs. Our platform is built to be configured for your specific situation.  

Not only do we offer the best products in the industry we also offer FleetPanda-HandsOn: A consulting service where our Engineers and Product Managers work with you to develop automation specific to your company.

Don't remain stuck in the 1960s? Your competition is adapting and your customers expectation are rising and your competition is adapting.  

It's time to level up. Customers expect an experience that Amazon and Uber gives them for free. 

Individual logins for your customers with Uber-like tracking of their deliveries

Your customers get an account where they can check their past deliveries, add equipment or vehicles and manage their choices.

Customers get real time tracking of their deliveries

Switching is easy. We'll even help.

Start from scratch or leverage our free migration concierge to move to FleetPanda. We handle the heavy lifting so you can keep focusing on building your business.

About Us

Ex-Amazon, Netflix, Salesforce Engineers.

Years of experience developing cutting edge smartphones, iOT, and machine learning based products

Funded by top investors from Google, Amazon, Oracle, Apple


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