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Fuel Delivery Made Easy

How Petroleum Marketers use

Fuel Dispatch Software to Streamline their Operations

What will you learn?

Our experts will showcase real-world examples and success stories from top fuel marketers who have successfully integrated fuel dispatch software into their fleet fueling operations.

You’ll learn about:

  • When is the right time to implement a fueling software for your business
  • How these solutions automate busywork for drivers, dispatchers and accountants/billers
  • The benefits of having completely visibility into your operations and access to business-critical data

When is it?

July 25, 2024
10 AM Pacific • 1 PM Eastern

Who is speaking?

Rohit Srivastav

Head of Marketing

Built 0-1 B2B marketing teams during $1-$10M ARR growth, as the Head of Growth at now unicorn companies NetApp, CleverTap, Insent(ZoomInfo).

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